Vermillion Vanguards are red drakes that can be found at the Circle of Life[14.8, 16.3]
in the northwestern-most area of the Twilight Highlands. Players use them as mounts during the Battle of Life and Death quest, and then later are flown to the Highland Forest by one at the start of the And the Sky Streaked Red quest.


During the Battle of Life and Death quest, players have access to the following drake abilities:

  • Spell fire flamebolt  [Fireblast]ω ϖ (40 mana) 60 yd range—Blasts a Twilight Shadowdrake for fire damage. 1 sec cast
  • Spell nature healingway  [Lifebinder's Boon]ω ϖ 60 yd range—Heals both yourself and a targeted Vermillion Vanguard for six seconds. Also restores mana.
  • Ability druid ravage  [Finishing Strike]ω ϖ 30 yd range—Dives at a weakened Twilight Shadowdrake, tearing out its throat and finishing it.

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