Venim Iceblade was a lich that fought during The Scourge of Lordaeron against the Alliance.[1]

Celebrated for a short time as a hero of the Scourge, his courage and skill in battle was only matched by his unconventional strategies, such as using Caravans in battle and surprise, overwhelming tactics.


Venim Iceblade

As seen in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Venim Iceblade was the leader of a purple Undead Scourge base located near Hearthglen. One night he and Calis Wraithson decided to attack Hearthglen and all the nearby villages. They sent an Undead Caravan to the villages and undeads against Hearthglen.[1]

A devoted follower of the Cult of the Damned and one of the first to become a Lich, Venim began an aggressive campaign of Scourge domination with his ally and friend Calis Wraithson, eclipsing in their attack on Hearthglen.

His powers of Necromancy were legendary, and he summoned many great skeleton and horrors terrifying many of the defenders of Hearthglen even before they attacked. He was confident in the Scourge's ability to destroy life and took great joy in unleashing them en masse with the intent of surprising or overwhelming the paltry human reistance.

Meanwhile in Hearthglen Arthas arrived and killed the infected villagers, and then prepared the defense of the city. Depending of the difficulty, Venim Iceblade attacks various times (hard) or just once (normal).

The time taken to destroy Hearthglen was frustrating Venim, who attacked from the north into the Town Centre, despite his powers and skill, he was struck down at the end of the battle and killed along his forces by Arthas Menethil, Uther the Lightbringer, the city defenders and the Knights of the Silver Hand.[1]

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