Vekniss Wasp Packs

Vekniss Wasp Pack

These are groups of three or four mobs located in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj just before Princess Huhuran. They come in a few different flavors.

Each group contains two or three Vekniss Wasps, a Vekniss Stinger, and/or a Qiraji Lasher.

The Vekniss Stinger is similar to the Hive'Zara Stinger in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, except naturally much more deadly and cannot be rooted.

The Vekniss Wasps are also quite similar to the Hive'Zara Wasps in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, except again naturally much more deadly and cannot be rooted.

The Qiraji Lasher is similar to the adds accompanying Battleguard Sartura except that they can be stunned.(use magic detect! You'll see it is like the adds sometimes stunable.)

As their AQ20 counterparts, Stingers and Wasps have a combination poison attack. The Wasp inflicts an itching poison which turns into actual poison several seconds later; the Stinger has a charge attack which is normally weak, but can do thousands of damage to anyone poisoned, enough to 1-shot cloth. Strategies for dealing with this include:

  • being very fast with the poison removal (Stingers like to charge as soon as the itching turns to poison)
  • mitigating the damage with ice barrier, PW:S, etc.
  • removing part of the combination as quickly as possible; i.e., quickly killing all Stingers or all Wasps, whichever there are fewer of
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