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The Veiled Hand is a small religious sect of humans who pledged their oath to the Burning Legion,[citation needed] a demonic organization that prepared to invade and conquer the world of Azeroth. Formed by Melris Malagan, members of the cult are revealed to be the ruling council of the Darkshire town and its guards, the Night Watch.[citation needed] They also have a strong presence in Stormwind City.[2]

Known members Edit

Name Location
Combat 15 IconSmall Human Female Althea Ebonlocke[3] Darkshire Duskwood
Combat 15 IconSmall Human Male Ello Ebonlocke Darkshire Duskwood
Combat 15 IconSmall Human Male Melris Malagan Stormwind Stormwind Keep
Combat 15 IconSmall Human Male Caden Shadowgaze Altar of Storms Blasted Lands
Combat 15 IconSmall Human Male Felcaller Whitley[4] Raven Hill Duskwood

References Edit

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