A veil is the basic nucleated township of the arakkoa. All arakkoa live in veils, and all are arround the same size. Larger settlements are generally made up of two or more normal sized veils, with Skettis, the arakkoa capital being a good example of such a veil cluster.

There settlements seem to also to be political in nature, and the various veils display a good deal of autonomy. Arrakoa have veils in Terokkar Forest, Shadowmoon Valley, Hellfire Peninsula and Blade's Edge Mountains. The Sethekk, renegades under the control of Talon King Ikiss, have created their own "veil" within the Sethekk Halls of Auchindoun.

In World of Warcraft

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Blade's Edge Mountains

Hellfire Peninsula

Shadowmoon Valley

All veils in this zone are in ruins, and their people are now spirits.



The Skettis Exiles have a small, unnamed veil of their own in the Lower City of Shattrath City.


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