Vectus was a skeletal mage mini-boss and one of the main necromancy teachers of Scholomance, the School of Necromancy. Vectus developed the plagued dragonflight found inside Scholomance, which he got by paying Tinkee Steamboil in the Burning Steppes money for eggs out of Blackrock Spire.

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The Dawn's Gambit can transform Vectus' neutral students in the Viewing Room into hostile skeletons. This can be done safely from one of the room's corners or entrances. The skeletons are rather weak, so some fine AoE could take care of them. After taking care of all the students, you can pull and easily kill Marduk Blackpool alone before turning your attention to Vectus. Vectus has a fire aura that deals damage to players within melee range. If you dont have the Dawns Gambit, you can still turn him hostile by attacking Marduk.

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"What, may I ask, are you doing here? Put on your student's attire, and study!"
"Have you come from the Burning Steppes? Do you have my black dragon eggs?"
"We await a batch of black dragon eggs from the Burning Steppes. We believe that, through their study, we will advance our knowledge dramatically."
"The Lich King's forces are building. It is imperative that our timetable supports his plans."
"Be silent! Do you think our plagued dragons will hatch and train themselves?"
"Now, if you turn to page 34 of your text, you see an illustration of a dwarf under going dissection..."
"Take note of the plagued dragon's diet. Only terrified flesh will suffice."
"From yesterday's field trip, Marduk showed us that the dragons will tolerate the meat of recently killed humanoids, but only if they died slowly and painfully."
"What is this?! How dare you!"
"Tomorrow we will begin training of our promising dragons, so don't forget your chew toys."

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Notable Loot
Inv jewelry necklace 06
Inv pants 08
Inv jewelry talisman 12250250

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