The Vault of the Betrayer[50, 76]
is the solitary chamber where Illidan Stormrage was kept prisoner within the Vault of the Wardens. With the help of the Warden, Cordana Felsong, Gul'dan gains access to Illidan's body. Before Maiev Shadowsong and the demon hunters arrive, he manages to spirit the body away via a fel portal, escaping with Cordana. Little do they know that Maiev steps through to pursue them.

Inhabitants Edit

Mobs (summoned by Gul'dan)

Dialogue Edit

Upon approaching the chamber doors
Maiev Shadowsong says: Gul'dan could never access this chamber. One of my Wardens has betrayed me!
Kayn Sunfury says: I, too, have felt betrayal by my own kind.
Kayn Sunfury looks over at Altruis the Sufferer.

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