Varidus the Flenser is a necromancer of the Scourge and the master of Bane. He can be found west of the Warsong Slaughterhouse in Borean Tundra. [35, 46]

Objective of


  • Spell shadow soulgem  [Shield of Suffering]ω ϖ—Surrounds the caster with a shield which can absorb up to 2500 damage. The shield deals 2500 damage when it is broken.
  • Spell shadow shadowfury  [Shadow Nova]ω ϖ—Inflicts Shadow damage to nearby enemies.
  • Trade engineering  [Release Aberration]ω ϖVaridus summons a small army of Warsong Abberations (69-70 Plague Eruptors)... all of which are quickly killed by Saurfang.

The Opening Scene

Getry's Intro:

  • Shadowstalker Getry: This is it <Character Name>. The start and the end of the world. And your going to see it off...
  • Shadowstalker Getry: Lets Go.

Varidus' Intro:

  • Varidus the Flenser: Is this it? Is this all the mighty Horde could muster?
  • Varidus the Flenser: Pathetic
  • Varidus the Flenser: I've never understood your type. The Hero...
  • Varidus the Flenser: Why won't you just let go? Why do you fight the inevitable?
  • Varidus the Flenser: The Lich King cannot be stopped. Accept it.
  • Varidus the Flenser: This world is coming to an end. Let. It. Burn.
  • Varidus the Flenser: Take him away and prepare him for reanimation.

Saurfang's Intro:

  • High Overlord Saurfang: I'll rip out your shriveled heart with my bare hands before any harm comes to <Character Name>, Necromancer.
  • Varidus the Flenser: What's this now?
  • High Overlord Saurfang: You were never alone, <Character Name>.
  • High Overlord Saurfang: We will fight you with every fiber of our being- Until we are nothing more than dust and debris. We will fight until the end.
  • Varidus the Flenser: Then you are a fool.
  • High Overlord Saurfang: A fool that is about to end you, Necrolord. There will be nothing left of you for the Lich King to reanimate!
  • Varidus the Flenser: You? A lone orc? Against me and...
  • Varidus the Flenser yells: RISE!

Varidus summons numerous Plague Eruptors... Combat ensues...

After The Flenser is Killed:

  • Shadowstalker Getry: I... I can't believe it... Saurfang... I... I am honored... honored to have fought along side you, sir.
  • Shadowstalker Getry: You should return to Warsong hold now, friend. Hellscream will surly want to hear of what just happened here... of Saurfang...
  • High Overlord Saurfang: You'll make no mention of me. Either of you!


  • Varidus gives a long speech before Saurfang enters the fray. The whole fight is basically you standing back and letting High Overlord Saurfang and Shadowstalker Getry kill Varidus.
  • The fact that Varidus lasts that long against Saurfang gives startling implications about what he could've done to you and Getry.

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