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Previous discussion can now be found on [[User talk:Kirkburn]], because 'archiving' things is not the same as deleting them. -- [[User:Kirkburn|Kirkburn]] <small>([[User talk:Kirkburn|talk]])</small> 05:19, 31 August 2006 (EDT)
#Redirect [[User:SilverSide]]
:Actually, it is. Fully functional archive of the discussion right here: [ Click]. Simple as that. Removing the redundant copy on your page. Again, I think I know quite a bit more about how wikis work than you do. [[User:SilverSide|The Smentor]] 08:06, 31 August 2006 (EDT)
:: I know exactly how wiki's work, and all you're doing is attempting to hide a previous conversation because ''you'' feel it is over. I am going to keep it on my talk page because I feel it deserves to be seen and not hidden. You won't sway me in that decision. You have control over what stay on your talk page, and I completely respect that. Meanwhile, you will ''not'' delete stuff from my talk page. We clear? -- [[User:Kirkburn|Kirkburn]] <small>([[User talk:Kirkburn|talk]])</small> 08:38, 31 August 2006 (EDT)
::: Sigh and nobody wonders why he was promoted over my head? ^^/
== Table help ==
hiya m8y, just wondered if i could get a little help with some wiki-editing as you seem to be a man in the know! im trying to create a page here for my guild however im having trouble with the table. Ive tried looking at table help but im getting myself all confused! [[Divine_Order|My Guild]] as you can see if got a table template there but how do i go about getting the little images in race & class to work? Would appriciate advice from anyone on this :) ill keep an eye on this talk page, my own talk page and the guild talk page for a response. Many thanks. - [[User:Diggory|Diggory]] [[User_Talk:Diggory|(T)]] - 25/09/06 07:00 GMT
:I noticed that you got the class icons to work. The problem with race icons is that there's two for each race: one for male, one for female. Adding the gender after the race name fixes the problem. --[[User:Powerlord|Powerlord]] 12:25, 7 October 2006 (EDT)

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