Lately Edit

I made a bunch of to the Mage Talents page. I started off making it look like the Priest Talents page, but then after looking at all Talents pages, decided I liked the Rogue look the best, so modified it to look like that.

Page Making Maniac! Edit

I'm impressed at the amount of content you've added in such a short time. Keep up the good work. With work like yours, WoWWiki will come to rival the best WoW info sites (if it doesn't already).

--Fandyllic 5:48 PM PDT 7 October 2005

dashes Edit

While the dash changes you've made are appreciated, theres no need to use XHTML character references. WoWWiki is served in unicode, so you can simply use the characters as, "–" "—". I'll be having a chat in IRC to see what policy should be on this, because honestly using these symbols and even the character references are a pain i nthe ass and make editing slower and ultimately inconsistant (because people won't/don't know when and where to use them). Until that's done, it might be an idea to hold on making anymore changes like this. --   11:01, 11 January 2008 (UTC)
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