At the moment, the logic behind it is that it makes far more sense to track bosses killed as opposed to bosses that are in line to be killed. While this isn't inline with the BB forum thread, it is followed by almost all other servers. I would like to change it all over to "boss killed," however, at the moment the 20 mans have just been copied from the other thread and therefore still say "cleared," or are blank.

While I recognize that the inconsistencies between the 20 mans and the 40 mans and the WoWWiki page and the one created by Phyrrus will cause some confusion, I would like to eventually change it all over to boss killed, as it is afterall, supposed to be a list the displays progress a guild has made as opposed to one that denotes what bosses the guild is working on.

Anyway, I hope that helps explain that. I would love to have some further discussion on it, but for the moment i'm just trying to maintain the format of bosses killed in 40 mans, and simply "clear" in the 20 mans despite the confusion that it causes.



Fixed it up. Template:Usertable/row04

What you needed was to put text+to+be+encodd around the guild name. Took a while in the irc channel to figure it out. Enjoy Smiley --ρςұκε®7 talkcontr 01:36, 18 April 2007 (EDT)

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