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And it drops gear at the level of Malchezaar +, if I'm not mistaken. Are there any other heroic 5 mans that do that? --Sky (t | c | w) 08:02, 16 February 2008 (UTC)

And natural raid progression (weird as it might sound) is (almost guaranteeably) going to be 5mans, heroic 5mans, kara, heroic MT, ZA, Gruul and Mag, and so forth. Granted, Heroic MT will probably fall faster than Kara and ZA, due to the fact it's 5 man, which means a more focused group as well as a smaller lockout (heroics have lockouts, right?), but it's still going to be something for guilds in Kara to work at achieving. --Sky (t | c | w) 21:27, 19 February 2008 (UTC)
I don't know then. With items that really are raid worthy... Hmm. --Sky (t | c | w) 22:29, 19 February 2008 (UTC)
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