Jemimus - Regarding King Llane article... A few corrections are fine, but may I recommend use of the "Show preview" button instead of the "Save page" button? Just a helpful tip, regards, Laisren [ Laisren 18:36, 4 Jul 2005 (EDT) ]

Yes you are right Laisren, I should use it more often, I forget. Thanx for the advice. --Jemimus 19:28, 4 Jul 2005 (EDT)
Hi again Jemius.... Thanks for adding all the recent pictures! It really improves the look of the articles! -- Laisren 18:25, 7 Jul 2005
No problem! I am having a ball here! :) And so many more articles to create! Oh by the way, we should have a disambiguous template, like Wikipedia has! --Jemimus
Do we really need a template though? I was thinking folks could just draft the disambig text as needed... See my text Guilds_(disambiguation) as an example. But maybe we want some consistancy? -- 23:14, 8 Jul 2005 (EDT)
Yah I think it is a matter of consistancy, just to get a uniform feel to certain page types. Also.. I think I came across a Lore template, but I cant seen to call it with Template:Lore like I can other templates.. or perhaps I am understanding it wrong.

Jemius - Ok, created the {{disambig}} template. See [1].
Also, the Lore template is called using {{lore-article}}. See WoWWiki:Article_type, and see Green_dragons for an example. Regards, Laisren 17:46, 9 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Hi, you said on Beyond the Dark Portal: "(or simply copy-paste from the Blizzard website ;)".

Where on Blizzard's website can I find this and copy-paste?

--Ragowit 04:54, 7 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Right HERE ;) Or at least I assume its the same material, because all of those books contain the stuff from the main page. In fact, this material is an aggregation of the Warcraft II and III manuals.

--Jemimus 07:45, 7 Jul 2005 (EDT)

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Seeking MSN contact with fellow Wowwiki contributors

Seeking MSN contact with fellow Wowwiki contributors

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Divine Magic original?

Unless the article Divine Magic is an entirely original work, you should give any source credit you used.

-- Fandyllic 10:43 PDT 8 August 2005


Hiya. Was wondering where you got the material you added to the murloc entry, whether you wrote it yourself (and if you did, well done!) or found it somewhere else. I wouldn't ask ordinarily but the entry in the original Wikipedia for "murloc" says the same thing and I don't know who wrote that one. In any case it's a great article, well-written and humorous. If you did come up with it yourself, I'd like to ask whether murlocs really think gnomish WARLOCKS taste better, and if so, why? :p


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If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them, or you could drop them at the reference desk (where I might answer them anyway)!
Just wanted to say welcome, and to encourage you to contribute!


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