I know you like him. This is for you. --Kirochi 09:12, 7 Dec 2005 (EST)

Yea I know how you feel about Blizz making Illidan pure evil

I was a big fan of the new Horde and I was very disapointed when they made them evil in BC. :( Drek'thar

Dark Origin

Tyrande: "No, Maiev!"
Maiev: "He almost slew my brother!"
War of the Ancients book 3: The Sundering by Richard Knaak, page 356

I think here, Knaak has provided us with the origin of Maiev's behavior! Jarod was her only family, and after the War, he was all she had left. Also, Knaak suggests that Maiev was jealous of Tyrande for being appointed High Priestess, which could explain her behavior at the R. Arevass. And in response to those long-ago commments about Illidan having served his time, Illidan's actions in re-creating the Well of Eternity were considered so unforgivable that his sentence was never considered up for commute. This descision was decided upon by the high council of the Night Elf survivors: Jarod Shadowsong, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Maiev Shadowsong and Dath'Remar Sunstrider, after Illidan destroyed one of their own, Lord Blackforest.

I put this on the Maiev talk page, but I figured you might see this first :-) --Ragestorm 13:25, 8 Dec 2005 (EST)

You figure well (uh-oh, dunno who you were talking to ^^)--Kirochi 13:34, 8 Dec 2005 (EST)

Well, I left it for Illidan Rocks, but if you find it interesting, great! --Ragestorm 20:16, 8 Dec 2005 (EST)


Welcome to WoWWiki! Hope you can help the community and vice versa (-:
If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them, or you could drop them at the reference desk (where I might answer them anyway)!
Just wanted to say welcome, and to encourage you to contribute!


Looking for help

If you want to help with some community projects, then feel free to drop me a line here (I am watching your user_talk page) - I am looking for dedicated people who want to further WoWWiki as a community! Looking for members for the Cleanup Team, the Community Team, and the Organization committee - just remember to say which you want to join in your reply (-:


The Bookkeepers

I am extending an invitation for you to join the Bookkeepers, masters of lore and writers of history here at WoWWiki. The Bookkeepers are one of the Community Teams who tend and regulate the site. Our goal is the presveration and improvment of the pages in the lore category, which provide history and set the stage for the many events of WoW. Drop by the team page if you're interested. --Ragestorm, Head Bookkeeper

I suggest you accept - this is a prestigious group! --  ℑilver§ℑide 21:54, 9 Dec 2005 (EST)

Thank you for the invitation, SilverSide. I'm happy to accept.--Illidan Rocks 20:38, 10 Dec 2005 (EST)

Not from me - Rage is team leader there, that's his note, I just annotated (-:
If you have more time, I have a couple of groups I head up also, check out WoWWiki:Community teams --  ℑilver§ℑide 20:56, 10 Dec 2005 (EST)

Left a quick note on the discussion page for The Bookkeepers concerning preliminary assignments. Have a look and respond with your opinion. Ragestorm

Let's talk about lore.

I'd like to speak to you about your section of the lore. Can you contact me on AIM at rpgsuperfan? I'll be waiting to hear from you.

--Dreyfuss of Durotan 14:45, 25 Jan 2006 (EST)

About Links and Content

The more links to different pages the higher google ranks the page that is being linked to using its algorithm. This was the reasoning for the redundant links. Google Algorithm --User:TopDread

Cycle of Hatred

I've read the new book, Cycle of Hatred, in the WoW book series. The information will be counted as canon, but I think we should hold off on including information from the book for a while, to give people more time to read it, as there are some twists that shouldn't be revealed too soon. Ragestorm 23:06, 23 Feb 2006 (EST)

you've got competition. User: Illidan's Lieutenant has been as the "misc. notes" on Illidan's page. Ragestorm 18:11, 26 Feb 2006 (EST)

War of the Ancients

I've been too swamped with the whole Draenei thing to even think about our dear Betrayer recently... The significance of the well's water, I think, was that the water isn't water at all- it's literally liquid magic. As I'm obviously not a mage (but hey, I can dream, can't I? ;-P) I can't say what the exact effect was, but it seemed to have increased his magical powers significantly- I'll reread the relevant passage and get back to you. As for the Old Gods, I'd also have to double check... I think that Illidan provided a relevant distraction for Furion, Krasus and the Aspects to get to the well with the Demon Soul- which was how the Old Gods would have gained entry to the world again. Like I said, i'll reread and get back to you.--Ragestorm 05:57, 16 May 2006 (EDT)

Jennala Hanalee Elunaia

Can anyone tell me about Jennala Hanalee Elunaia, they are related to the highelves. The key of three moon are made from them.

I've never heard of them that I can recall.--Illidan Rocks 06:50, 8 January 2007 (EST)

Mexora's Words

Illidan Rocks, calm down. You don't need your name changed because Illidan does not "rock" anymore. Look on the good side:

  • Fel Orcs: That Illidan is making these guys, does it matter? Some of them need to be one to survive. Some dont even have arms, and they are replaced with good-fitting sword arms.
  • Demons under his command: They still pefer The Burning Legion, and only not rebelling because of the deal they made with Kael. They also are only on the brink of rebelling because they hate him for his battle agaisnt their former masters, and not because he's a evil ruler.
  • Zangarmarsh Pumping Dam(Coilfang Resivour): Come On! It is Vashj's fault, and she is more loyal to Azshara than Illidan.

That tis my debunking of his "Crimes", now lets see his most recent(After being released) good things:

  • Closing the demon infested portals.
  • Defeating Magtheridon,Tichondrius and many other elite demons.
  • Starting the healing of Felwood
  • Stopping Archimondes victory by killing all of his reinforcements and his general Tichondrius.


Absolutely, I agree that almost everything he did before he was defeated by Arthas was good. I've made those same arguments on his behalf more than once myself. But why did he decide to attack Shattrath City? And why has he got his Illidari taskmasters forcing Broken draenei to work as slaves? I thought he was better than that, and perhaps he used to be. But the more I see, the less I like.--Illidan Rocks 03:34, 25 February 2007 (EST)

The Draeni also use Broken Labourers. Also naturally the Shat'ar will not ally with an almost entierly Bat F*#k Insane Part Demon who commanded most of the very people who stole Tempest Keep and drained Zangarmarsh's water with a huge dam. He also should be knowing that the portals that the allies of the Sha'tar will open will destroy his citadel.

OK, admittedly I have not spent a lot of time in Outland so far, since what playing time I have has been devoted to finishing up questlines I got on Azeroth. This means I know nothing of the dam you mentioned. But I have some thoughts I feel like sharing all the same.
  • Whether Illidan is part demon or not should not be an issue. If the Shat'ar can bring themselves to work with the Forsaken, a faction whose second in command is a FULL demon, and if they accept orcs despite what the Horde did to the draenei, and if they accept blood elves who've renounced Kael, then they should be capable of judging Illidan by his actions instead of his appearance. I doubt they would refuse to speak to him simply because he had wings.
  • As far as I know, Tempest Keep wasn't stolen until after the war between the Illidari forces and Shattrath had begun. So saying that they won't consider an alliance with him because of the Tempest Keep thing doesn't make any sense.
  • There is a difference between forcing people into hard labour and asking it of them in exchange for money or protection. If the uncorrupted draenei actually use slave labour, I have less respect for them. I will have to look into that. But anyway, on my first trip to Outland, I rode past the Illidari taskmasters and the Broken slaves and I watched as an Alliance player killed the taskmasters, even helping him a few times. As soon as each taskmaster was killed, the Broken said something like "The taskmaster is dead! We're free! Run before we're captured again!" Call me crazy, but that makes me believe they weren't contributing voluntarily.
  • Finally, there is a world of difference between attacking a cruel Pit Lord like Magtheridon and attacking Shattrath City. Obviously, if Illidan had tried to parlay with Magtheridon, it would've gotten him nowhere, therefore he didn't bother. But I truly believe that if Illidan had approach the Shat'ar and their followers waving the banner of truce and proclaiming that he wished to meet with them and discuss and alliance against the Legion, they would listen to him. If he told them that he objected to their opening of the portals because he feared for his own safety, they would have at least heard him out, even if they ultimately refused him and put him in the position of having to conquer them to prevent them from opening the portals.
Having said all of this, I am less than thrilled by Illidan's actions in WoW, and the insanity defense can only justify so much. He has suffered plenty and I would not like to see him captured by Kil'jaeden and tortured in the Nether, not one bit. But if he has become no better than Magtheridon was, then he must be stopped somehow, whether that means redeeming him or giving him a mercifully quick death. Whatever his fate, it should happen at the hands of an important character as opposed to a raid party in the game.
The only thing he's done that I've heard of and applauded has been to confine Maiev to a cage in Shadowmoon Valley. She had it coming, IMHO, and instead of torturing her and keeping her in horrible agony every minute of every day, he is merely doing to her what she had done to him. Fair's fair.--Illidan Rocks 21:29, 26 February 2007 (EST)

Even beings of pure mercy and light wouldn't trust someone who's history of alliances goes like: Night Elves>Demons(For five seconds)>Night Elves>Himself>Demons>Night Elves>Himself. Have you seen his mentallity? Also the 5000 Demons he commands? The Sha'tar(I like how it sound like SH!TTER) would of been thinking of him as a demon controlling a faction of more demons. The Majority of Blood Elves and Naga are weak compared to his demonic Vanguard. So, if come in there Like you said, how would the Sha'tar think of his "New Friends"? His Mentallity conditions now: Paranoia(That Kil'jaeden will return for him), Anger(Not killing Arthas), Hatred(Guess!). I bet he could easilly have Autism like me, if it wern't for the fact that it doesn't exist in Warcraft. I think he may just want to be left alone. He would need solitude for a few days, but with his imprisonment, he probaly hates it. Sadly there is no Antidepressents in Warcraft, he needs some badly as hell... It is as saddening to you as it was when Jim Raynor saw Kerrigan, thinking she sacrificed herself for the greater good, became the greatest threat in all of the Galaxy.Thats from starcraft by the way. Entaro Adun to ye. -Mexora "I fear not death, for our strengh is ENTERNAL!"-Fenix

Yes Mexora, I am also amazed that he's retained as much sanity as he has. After all he's gone through I would expect him to have become a complete wreck, as Ner'zhul was after Kil'jaeden got through with him. I feel sorry for both of them, although by now I feel that the Lich King has to be put down because there's nothing left of the old, noble, well-meaning Ner'zhul and he has become as cruel as his former demon masters.
About the naaru, though. Somebody told me that they are ridiculously trusting because they are just THAT good. I haven't interacted with them very much, but tell me this: if they allow Forsaken in to chat with them, why would they not at least hear Illidan out? Surely beings of mercy and light want to avoid war if possible. Perhaps they could even heal Illidan's mind with their magic. Who knows? He should've at least tried to talk to them. Sent an envoy or something, sent a blood elf since the belves are the least intimidating of his followers along with, perhaps, the Broken.
Regarding Starcraft, unless you're referring to an event that I haven't gotten to in the game yet, Kerrigan didn't sacrifice herself. She expected that Mengsk would send a ship to evacuate her after she completed her mission, but he didn't, and everything that happened afterwards is his fault.--Illidan Rocks 15:42, 5 March 2007 (EST)

Can we at least debunk the whole... War of the Ancients thing when he sided with Azshara? Blizzards pretty much changed it so that he was just pretending to switch sides in order to try and close the portal in on Sargareas, I'm really starting to get sick of people still using that... Also, that 'dam' the Naga are creating is actually a New Well of Eternity, something Illidan will no doubt use to defeat Kil'Jaden... and oh once more thing, I was always under the impression that the Sha'tar lost Tempest Keep to Kael when they took up residence in Sharrath, since it seems Kael took it immediately after they left, and that it seems rather pointless to set up shop like that if you still have a base of operations somewhere else. Just my opinion-OtherHalfofYang

Agreed, OtherHalfofYang. History's been altered, and WoW takes place in the altered version of the world rather than the original, as we know from Malfurion's astral form speaking about how he and Illidan fought together at Zin-Azshari. In the original, he warned her because he didn't want the well to be destroyed. But after the involvement of Rhonin, Brox and Krasus, there were never any plans made to intentionally destroy the well and Illidan did exactly what you said he did.--Illidan Rocks 01:08, 7 March 2007 (EST)

Quote: Illidan Rocks: "But if he has become no better than Magtheridon was, then he must be stopped somehow, whether that means redeeming him or giving him a mercifully quick death."

Just out of curiosity, does anyone think Illidan is in fact redeemable at this point? Based on Malfurion's conversation with Remulos, I was thinking that the "too far gone" thing means that his brother believes the only thing to do with Illidan at this point is to put him out of his misery. Misery caused by the great Shan'do himself, I might add >.> I mean, lets face it...ten years of prison and I'd be babbling. Ten thousand...?!

Anyway, I agree on the fact that we shouldn't go on about the war of the ancients writeup from the WC3 manual, since it's been given an unwelcome makeover. Lets just stick to events in the books and forget about the original history. --Daughter of Sargeras 17:50, 10 March 2007 (EST)

A good question. After thinking about it, Malfurion says only that he "fears" Illidan is too far gone, however. Malfurion has also been wrong before. I hope that things don't just go downhill from here on for Illidan, whether that means he ends up sharing Ner'zhul's fate or he winds up becoming another Arthas or Kerrigan.--Illidan Rocks 16:39, 13 March 2007 (EDT)

You know, this could all be just one big misunderstanding between the players and Illidan you know? I mean, both the Horde and the Alliance already have a bias against him, given his past of course, so giving him the benifit of the doubt wouldn't be high on thier agenda list. Then theirs the Sha'tar. Now, honestly, who pissed them off, Kael that's who, not Illidan. I mean, c'mon, this is the same Kael whose working for the Burning Legion, the same Kael who stole Tempest Keep from them to harnass it's immense power!! He's also a member of Illidan's inner circle, so it could have been he who instilled the fear that the narru were a threat in Illidan's already less than stable mind, and provoked him into giving the order, orders no doubt in Kael's and the Legions best interest. Now, let's put us in Illidan's shoes for a minute. He has the man you don't want as an enemy as his enemy, aka Kil'jaden, and we all know how Kil'Jaden gets given what happened to Ner'zhul. Undoubtedly, Illidan is panicking, and as such is very parinoid about everything at the moment. And he's desperate, and desperate people do desperate things, which can explain his less then ethical actions. Maybe it doesn't excuse them, but we can understand the difficulty of his position. Then the Alliance and the Horde start showing up, trying to open his portals, therby letting more Legion forces into Outland. If he wasn't parinoid then, he's parinoid now, explaining his less then hospitable reception. So he's obviously freaked out at the moment, and in a very volitial situation. Not the best of times to be invading his property. Soooo it's not like he's totally evil, he's just doing whatever he needs too to win, and he's fighting the Burning Legion for survival right now, so he's obviously following the old demon hunter credo and fighting fire with fire, giving a certain psychological sense to his actions. So we can't say he's totally evil right now, can we?-OtherHalfofYang

Hmm, those are pretty good points, OtherHalfofYang. I'd feel a lot better if it WERE pretty much all Kael and if things ended up working out for Illidan.--Illidan Rocks 15:56, 20 April 2007 (EDT)


Can you help me please? If you have War of the Ancients Trilogy (vol. 2 and 3) PLEASE send them to me by E-mail (in computer text version of course=) ). I can't buy these books in my country, send me some of them that you have. You'll help me A LOT!!! My E-mail: Mardook


If you want to know, read the banner. that talk page is for the ARTICLE and chainges to it, opinions on the charicter should be disscused in Talk:Kael'thas Sunstrider/Analysis. I don't mean to be rude. I am NOT a vandal. --SWM2448 20:26, 25 April 2007 (EDT)

OK, sorry.--Illidan Rocks 09:05, 14 May 2007 (EDT)

illidian Should not be evil

hey i am new here i am a illidaliry (sry for the mispell my english sux) fanboy here! ya i dissapointed too about blizz make illidian Evil thats really sux. but i got got one thingy too say Illidian ROCKS MY ACE OFF!!!!!!!! keep that fanboy inside you!

Dragonnagaofthewater 15:16, 14 June 2007 (UTC)

Changed the "high elf" icons to "blood elf", as the title "blood mage" implies the two elves are blood elves, and they have green eyes instead of the blue eyes of high elves

That was not your interpretation to make, and is infact incorrect and alters the context of the material.

The 100 high elves of Blasted Lands is official information from the RPG. They are part of the guards and magic users of the Nethergarde Keep. It does not have anything to do with the blood elves seen in game. This is a warning not to change the demographic information. That information comes specifically from citeable informationBaggins 01:07, 2 December 2007 (UTC)

Didn't realize. I apologize.--Illidan Rocks 15:47, 3 December 2007 (UTC)

No, problem. You'll notice I added blood elves to the list and seperated them from the high elves. As there are no exact population numbers, I didn't list that information, its not like we can say (3), lol.Baggins 20:20, 5 December 2007 (UTC)
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