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WoWWiki move

Hey, just wanted to let you know we are moving to Feel free to join us! --PcjGamepedia wiki manager (TDrop me a line!C58,963 contributions and counting) 17:03, October 21, 2010 (UTC)


Just wanted to let you know there are a few general policies and guidelines for media and videos, some of which I'm sure you already know, and see you are already trying to follow.

Consolidated from some of my edit with more detail:

  1. Please use galleries extension, unless page is "grandfathered". If a list of videos are already in the current media section format using galleries, don't convert them back to tables.
  2. Videos with 3 across in a table are already are wide to fit reasonably, and need to be 2 wide if used in tables. Tables will not wrap and the more narrow minimum page width needs to be considered.
  3. Videos should be generally placed in the order that they were added chronologically. While in no way implying anyone was promoting one set of works another, it does confuse the issue, and can confuse readers looking for a known video, especially on pages with many. WoWWiki itself is a referenced work.

Just wanted to say something before too many more. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave message on my talk Winky Celess (talk) 22:53, May 5, 2014 (UTC)

On Freya the solo video was moved to the bottom, and yours was placed first of two 10 man regular, making that one first. Would be easy to argue were already ordered into sections by number of players previously. Please don't do this. Celess (talk) 02:53, May 6, 2014 (UTC)
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