Wow, you are doing some fantastic work, explaining game terminology and fixing up pages. I really appreciate your contributions and I hope you'll keep up the fantastic job. -- AlexanderYoshi 03:08, 25 Nov 2004 (EST)

Not a problem, glad to be of service. This is an amazing idea and many people have put some great work into the site and the Wiki itself. I'd heard a little about Wikis before this, but never actually investigated what the brew-ha-hah was all about until now. I'm already hooked. Can one even become addicted to helping keep a Wiki updated? Who konws, I'll have to ask my therapist next AADD/OCD session I attend... hehehe

I was just putzing around while waiting on my game to arrive some nebulous time between now and the thirtieth (some mixup with the shipper--yeah, right! lol) and found the WoWWiki pages; I didn't even know such existed. I like helping folks and figuring out new code (I'm a retired applications and web applications developer). So, I figured why not combine both talents into helping to build the Wiki. -- Arath

As badly as I hate it, I think I mucked up the baseline Glossary template pointers. When I first created the Money-sink glossary topic, it seemed that the reference popped up too often when a specific item could not be found on a given page, for instance: Category:Glossary. I learned to copy and paste page templates to the page being created after experimenting some. Be that as it may, could one of the admin check the Glossary template and make sure I didn't mess it up. If I did, my profuse apologies and I'll do better next time, I promise... ;) -- Arath

Hey, just a quick note as far as editing goes, any content update to a page should not be flagged minor. Minor updates are primarily for spelling/link correction. You probably shouldn't use it for adding information/removing information from a page, no matter how minor you may or may not think it is. Snorelax 07:50, 25 Nov 2004 (EST)

Thanks for that tip, I will definitely keep that in mind while editing from now on. -- Arath

With regard to the glossary: I noticed this and semi-fixed it. The glossary is something of a workaround - its really just using the "Game Terms" category to act as an automatic glossary. Trying to maintain a glossary manually would be quite an effort so I felt this was a good way to go about it.

I tried to set things up so that "Glossary" would work as a link to this "Game Terms" category page. However, there is a Wiki bug at present, whereby redirects to categories do not work - hopefully this'll be fixed soon. The end result is that, for now at least, you have to use the category link directly, rather than the glossary one. To do this, type [[:Category:Game terms]]. You can add a custom name to the end just as with any other link, e.g. Glossary. Be careful to include the leading ":" or you'll just end up adding the page you're editing to the category rather than linking it!

Anyways, you're doing some great stuff in general, keep up the good work! -- Goldark 09:16, 25 Nov 2004 (EST)

Thanks for catching and fixing as well as could be, Wiki bug notwithstanding. During my sojourn into the land of Wiki, I read something else you'd authored explaining about the Wiki bug, but I'd already goofed up the Glossary template by then. Thanks for the tip about the category link, I'll use that in the future to get around the Wiki bug. -- Arath

Hunter pages

Wow you've really been busy with the hunter stuff! I left a little note for you at Talk:Hunter_Abilities_Level_8 - not sure if you picked it up, but it might save you some work! :) Can't believe how much you've done today, its fantastic! -- Goldark 16:04, 27 Nov 2004 (EST)

Good morning! (actually its afternoon for me!) Hunter pages are looking great, wow, I need to start catching up with the Rogue stuff heh. I'm excited, I got my Euro open-beta key yesterday, just have to wait for em to announce it now! I've got a few minor suggestions, but I think its ok as it is, so take em or leave em as you like :)

  • Create a "Hunter Abilities" category. Move the "Hunter Abilities Level X" pages under there to remove clutter on the main Category:Hunters category. Put the individual abilities under there too. Possibly put the key abilities under both Hunter and Hunter Abilities categories. Maybe even all abilities, but I think there are quite a lot?
  • Note that when adding a category, you can change how its sorted. For example, you can put "Hunter Abilities" under "A" in the Hunter category by listing it as [Category:Hunter|Abilities, Hunter]. Otherwise you tend to get the vast majority of stuff in the Hunters category listed under "H".
  • On the "Hunter Abilities Level X" tables, maybe make a seperate column for the Rank. I know, I'm such a pain! :) If you can't be arsed I won't blame you, as I'm not sure I can be just yet, lol.

-- Goldark 07:43, 28 Nov 2004 (EST)

On the last point, I was talking about pages such as Hunter Abilities Level 8, proposing to change it to:

Ability Rank Category Level Mana Range Description

Template:HunterAbilityRow1 Template:HunterAbilityRow2 Template:HunterAbilityRow1 Template:HunterAbilityRow2

The difference is adding a Rank column rather than including the rank in the Ability column along with the name. Umm, I haven't updated the template so the description is messed up, but obviously I don't want to change that, its up to you to decide if you prefer it with Rank column or not :) Also, you could put "Rank 1" rather than just "1" if you prefer, not sure which is best. -- Goldark 08:28, 28 Nov 2004 (EST)

I just came across Hunter Abilities Level 35. Two questions: Why does this article have no links to it? and Why don't you have all the abilities in one page, with sections according to level obtained? -- D. F. Schmidt talk 11:39, 1 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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