The worgen racial mount proposed for 4.3


A second look.

Today Blizzard released a preview of what the worgen racial mount is going to be, expected to be released with Patch 4.3.0. They essentially appear to be the wild horses players encounter while in Gilneas, which also seem to share the model of those in the revamped Hillsbrad Foothills; they also bear a striking resemblance to the wild mustangs of the Grizzly Hills.

The mounts as of this time appear to come without saddles or armor of any kind.

Response has been lukewarm to negative, mostly negative within the blog and forum comments. The release of the mount is designed to bring the amount of mounts offered to both factions in line with one another. With the release of Cataclysm, worgen received their racial [running ability] while the goblins received their trikes. It is also meant as a way for players to receive a mount if they race change, instead of losing a mount altogether, one of a few reasons Blizzard admits was lost in the original blog post:

From the official forums| 2011-09-01 by Daxxari:

There was some miscommunication regarding the initial reason why these mounts were added. After talking with the devs again these mounts are actually being added because they already happened to be available and we thought it’d be nice to make them able to be purchased and ridden. Which is unfortunately quite a bit different than how we understood and framed the blog.

Their existence also allows us to give players that faction change to Worgen something in exchange for their old racial mount. Right now if you faction change to Worgen you lose your previous home-faction mounts, and so we’re also trying to correct that with this change.

Regardless of whether a ball was dropped that resulted in confusion, what are your reactions?

Me? Keep the horses, but add a banner that reads "THIS WILL BE A CARRIAGE".

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