In preparation of the upcoming release of the newest Middle Earth movie (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey), Wikia has come up with a way for interested sites to show their enthusiasm and possibly reap some Hobbit-related rewards.

Sites do not need to be related to the Lord of the Rings in any way; the only stipulation is that their content has to tie in to the fantasy genre. WoWWiki overwhelmingly fits that bill.

Here's the info in a nutshell, though be sure to check out the full blog post on Community Central:

1) If interested, a graphic and badge will appear on the main page (only)


2) "The Fantasy Fellowship will also serve as a vehicle for delivering exclusive Hobbit-related content (we’re talking goodies from the movie, games, merchandise, etc.) to the communities that signed up for it. Be sure to keep that graphic on your wikis and check it often as new surprises will appear in that space regularly."

The graphic and badge would be placed on September 22nd ("Hobbit Day") and potentially stay on the site up until the release of the first movie in December.

Feel free to leave a comment here and/or cast your vote in the poll on the main page!

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