Unlocking Void Storage

Coming on the heels of yesterday's Transmogrification announcement, Blizzard revealed another new feature expected to be released with Patch 4.3.0: Void Storage.

Void Storage is a feature similar to the banking system, but not entirely so. Players will have to visit a Vaultkeeper (for now, in Stormwind or Orgrimmar) to unlock the vault. The price is nothing to shrug at, 1000Gold, but this could change before release. For this price players are given access to 80 new slots with which to fill gear, but there's a catch (or three):

  • Gear stored will have all enhancements removed. This includes enchantments, gems, sockets, and reforging.
  • Not all items will be able to be stored.
  • There is a fee for both depositing and withdrawing items.

The Void Storage is meant for items that hold some sentimental value, not for normal items you would bank. This includes holiday items, old armor sets, and unique quest rewards you just can't bring yourself to destroy. It's also meant to be used in conjunction with transmogrification, allowing you to trade the appearance of your current armor with one of your stored sets.

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