Now we have the last (currently) available zone for you: Townlong Steppes. By and large this area is mostly covered in grassy hills, with the pandaren seeming as if they are hanging on by a thread to their various encampments. Much of the eastern part of the zone is yaungol heavy, and Longying Outpost is consistently under attack. Not far away is the Gao-Ran Battlefront, under heavy attack from the mantid. The insect creatures have swarmed from the Dread Wastes to assault and infiltrate, even going so far as to attempt a leap across the Widening Deep.

This is the first major presence of the mantid. More of them can be found assaulting the island Niuzao Temple sits atop, making their way across from Sra'vess, the island they seem to hold exclusive rights to. That island is heavily infested, and it becomes quite difficult in some areas to maneuver around the packs unaccosted. The southern island seems it will be home to a future dungeon, the Siege of Niuzao Temple.

The northern-most island is held by the mogu, with a very small pandaren hold. The mogu lay claim to the ruins, wielding unholy magic and corrupting the indigenous cloud serpents. sprites can be found along much of the western part of the island.

All in all a great zone, though some of it seems unfinished. Much of the interior of the steppes look like they might be populated with more mobs later, and the mogu island is lacking in subzones. Without further ado, here are some screenshots to enjoy and a brief flyover video!




Niuzao Temple island

Sra'vess island

Shan'ze Dao island (unnamed)

Flyover video

MoP Beta - Townlong Steppes

MoP Beta - Townlong Steppes

Townlong Steppes beta flyover

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