World of Warcraft: Legion alpha is once again back in full swing! We hope everyone had a great Christmas and wonderful New Year while it (and we) went on a bit of hiatus.

When last we met, we delved into death knight, demon hunter, and druid order halls. This time around we've moved down the list to our next three classes: hunters, magi, and monks. Their Order Halls are fairly unique though, as always, everything is still under construction. Let's just hope the hunters don't have to sink through the floor of their main lodge in the future. Tongueout


Hunters, the stalwart trackers and lovers of nature, have their very own perch way up in Highmountain, fittingly called Trueshot Lodge. This snowy area is dotted with giant pine trees and tall wooden towers. Fires blaze continuously in the frigid heights while sentries keep a keen eye out for dangers. The flight master even has some hunter-specific routes.

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Unfortunately, even after the most recent patch, much of the Hall of the Guardians remains unfinished. This tower is reputed to be connected to Dalaran, but at present it is literally sitting in the middle of nowhere - trust us, even if you [Slow Fall] off the balcony and land safe, there's nothing to see but a wrecked ship, a small island, and a lump of land enveloped in the fel fire of the Burning Legion. And water. Lots of water.

That aside, the Hall itself is beautiful, if a bit vacant. At present there exist ye olde portal to Dalaran, the typical artifact weapon forge, and some rather unique training dummies.

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To say that the location of the monks' order hall took us by surprise would be an understatement. Seeing as how they already had the Peak of Serenity, it seemed to make sense that area would be expanded upon. But, no, it appears the Burning Legion found it and, with their customary concern over the weaker species, launched an all-out attack. So while they were eventually driven away, the monks had to relocate to...

...the Wandering Isle. In hindsight, this is actually a good strategy for the monks. The Hall of the Seasons consists of the Temple of Five Dawns and Mandori Village. The vast majority of the island remains explorable, though that will probably only appeal to other races who haven't seen it.

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  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Pandaren Male Yi <Food & Drink>
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Next time we'll dive into the paladin, priest, and rogue halls!

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