Kun-Lai Summit definitely has a different feel than the other zones we've explored thus far. The Jade Forest was largely vibrant and filled with thick bamboo forest while, in contrast, the Krasarang Wilds were a much darker kind of forest, a dense jungle filled with hidden dangers. The Valley of the Four Winds was more about rolling hills dotted with rocky crags, small lakes, and ponds, very much a thriving pandaren community, despite its perils. The Veiled Stair was a different creature altogether, shrouded in mist and mystery.

Kun-Lai Summit is at once both beautiful and deadly. The Ancient Passage deposits would-be adventurers in the autumn-like serenity of Binan Village, but it is soon apparent that everyone choosing to call the summit home is in some sort of peril, whether it be the pandaren, the small group of jinyu, or the grummle. The yaungol have attacked from the west, slashing and burning everything in their path while enslaving the pandaren people; the sha have played their part in inciting and corrupting the indigenous peoples as well, and the jinyu are spared none of their rage.

Progressing further into the summit unlocks snow-covered vistas and enormous peaks towering to the clouds. Over the rim of a cliff is the Zouchin Province, a lush area resting at a much lower altitude than the rest of the region; but even this location isn't spared from war. The Zandalari trolls have arrived in their ships, laying claim to the beaches and islands and making the pandaren villagers here veritable prisoners in their own village.

Yaungol Advance

Zouchin Province



Other areas


MoP Beta - Kun-Lai Summit

MoP Beta - Kun-Lai Summit

Kun-Lai Summit flyover

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