The Dread Wastes is, by far, the darkest zone on the continent of Pandaria. Having progressed from the Jade Forest, it seems the theme while transitioning zones has been an ever-increasing sense of dread, war, and turmoil. The Jade Forest was benign by comparison.

Here we have an entirely different type of forest, one whose trees are twisted and gnarly. Almost all are inhabited by the mantid, and it seems you can't really go two feet without running into them. Sha influence is palpable, as the boundaries of the Horrid March and many of the trees themselves bear the now-familiar flickering energies associated with the elementals.

Almost every one of the new humanoid races can be found here in varying numbers. The saurok are found in the coastal regions. The pandaren only have a tenuous foothold in the north and south, the southern village tied with the Anglers faction. Even the warrior yaungol are here, though they are mind-enslaved by the mantid upon Zan'vess, the large island off the coast. The Klaxxi, friendly mantid not consumed by the same madness as their brethren, are also here.

Next up will be the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Hopefully it will have a decidedly lighter atmosphere after all this gloom. But before we go and explore in the final zone, here are some screenshots and another flyover video. Enjoy!

Mantid territories

The Horrid March


Coastal regions

Inland regions


MoP Beta - Dread Wastes

MoP Beta - Dread Wastes

Dread Wastes flyover (beta)

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