Neutral 64 With the Jade Forest closed to players, we headed back into questing by diving into the Valley of the Four Winds. Unlike the Forest, this is a neutral zone, and the vast majority of our interactions are with the local pandaren. The Valley serves as an agricultural center for Pandaria, many of the giant crops within the Heartland fed by waters cascading from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The local farmers are beset by virmen in the east, while those in the west are rapidly losing their lands to the mantid swarming over the Great Wall from the Dread Wastes.

First, a few vistas to get us off on the right foot:

Upon first stepping foot into the Valley we meet with the most well known pandaren: Chen Stormstout. He is taking a small break from travels with his niece, Li Li, right at the first crossroads. After a brief interaction, we join him in taking a short walk up the road to Pang's Stead, where we meet the head of the pandaren family that owns much of the eastern lands, Pang Thunderfoot. We find that his family's crops and livestock are being threatened by virmen and all manner of beasts. With Chen deciding to take (another) break, we take some time to help Pang out. This involves slaying a few of the pests, retrieving some tools, and then helping out down at Thunderfoot Farm.

After gathering a few food supplies, we launch them by mushan to Thunderfoot Ranch. This is a small pig sty run by Liang Thunderfoot, who has issues of his own. Not only does he need meat for his pigs, but some of them have wandered off into the hostile fields. A few mushan and turtles later, and we have the required meat; the three little pigs take a bit longer to track down, but are mercifully unharmed.

We do such a good job, in fact, that Liang sends us to check up on Francis the Shepherd Boy, bringing his lost lamb back to him. It seems that Francis's flock is under constant attack by wolves and hawks, but he's too frightened to do anything about it. Fighting them away is no small task, but we gladly do so, and then contend with the pack leader and a giant hawk. Shang Thunderfoot, Francis's master, isn't too pleased with the boy's cowardice, but we are invited to meet him at his place just down the road.

Chen Stormstout and Li Li meet us there, and we'll soon meet one of the strangest pandaren this side of the Valley...

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