Now that we've got Shu and Wugou safe and sound back at the Temple of Five Dawns, we need to track down the last missing ancient spirit: Dafeng. Where is he? No one is quite certain. He abandoned his normal stomping grounds at the Ridge of Laughing Winds for some reason, and so Master Shang Xi sends his star pupils, Aysa Cloudsinger and Ji Firepaw, ahead to start getting answers. To get to Morning Breeze Village to meet them, Shang Xi summons some wind and tosses us to the top of the Temple. Ji leads us from there across the Dawning Span.

We cross briefly into the Ridge which seems to be swarming with hozen. Could this be what has chased Dafeng away? On we go to Morning Breeze Village, and Ji awats us at the lake. Now we learn that the hozen aren't the culprits, but they do pose a threat to the pandaren village. They've been stealing supplies, fireworks, and - what's worse - defacing the scrolls of wisdom the pandaren have passed down from generation to generation! While Aysa meditates on just how to find Dafeng, Ji and Elder Shaopai send us to deal with the hozen along the Ridge... and Jojo Ironbrow wants us to find something else he can smash.

Ji discovers that the hozen leader is behind all this madness. We haven't retrieved the fireworks yet, so Ji sends us to the nearby Fe-Fang Village. The hozen village sits dangerously close to the pandaren. Off we go! The place is swarming with hozen, and it proves a difficult task to avoid the ones that scamper at random through the clearings and huts. Not to worry, though, as Ji accompanies us.

On the way we notice an odd statue just outside the village that crtainly doesn't look hozen-made. In our infinite wisdom we decide to bring it to... Jojo. Who, of course, tries to smash it with his head. This time he's unsuccessful with what we bring him, and we learn that the pillar must be over 10,000 years old, imbued with magic. We get the feeling we'll hear something else about this later.

Now we get to talk to Aysa, who's been meditating in the center of Morning Breeze Lake all this time. She has determined that Dafeng is within the Chamber of Whispers at the other end of the Ridge. We scamper along, avoiding the scroll-defacing hozen, and get to the entrance. Right when we step inside, Aysa intervenes with a poignant warning! Strong winds batter the entry, and we follow her when they die down momentarily. Using her advice, we wait for the next break, then hurry across the room to a waiting Dafeng.

Note: We watched pandaren after pandaren foolishly ignore her warning, sprinting through the winds, only to die at the stairs. Needless to say, both rooms of the Chamber were littered with corpses.

We find that Dafeng has retreated to this sanctum due to the (as-now-unseen) Onyx Serpent flitting around outside. If we would just get rid of it, Dafeng could exit his Chamber and happily return to the Temple of Five Dawns. Remembering the fireworks we retrieved from the hozen, Ji places them in a circular pattern outside the Chamber and we proceed to shoot the cloud serpent down from the sky! Dafeng is free. Now we'll find out -

Master Shang Xi appears. He's happy that Dafeng is free and has returned to the Temple. And what's ailing our giant turtle, the one that's carrying the Wandering Isle on its back? Shang Xi promises we'll get to that in just a bit. First, he wants to take us on a very special journey, a journey only the truly worthy are invited to participate in...

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