As we left behind the safety of the Shang Xi Training Grounds and the Tranquil Grotto, we moved into the Dawning Valley. Immediately we see wildlife, both familiar and strange. silver foxes bound through the grasses or lay in the sun. Forest sprites congregate in little groups near some barrels, barrels we soon learn were stolen...

Our first foray into this new wild brings us to Fu's Pond, a short distance from the safety of the training grounds. Here is where we learn that the sprites attacked a cart belonging to Merchant Lorvo, stealing supplies that were intended for the trainees in the training grounds. We recover the supplies for him and also track down his missing driver, who apparently thought it wise to pursue the sprites with no assistance.

We finally meet Aysa Cloudsinger for the first time. She needs to meditate in order to guide us in the next steps of our journey, and asks us to protect her from yet more sprites within the Cave of Meditation. Surviving the waves of sprites, we are then pointed toward Wu-Song Village. Ji Firepaw is here, fighting back the rather annoying hozen that are stealing supplies and looting the town. Would he like some help? Sure he would!

So we fight the hozen. A particularly annoying ability they have is to jump on someone's head and smack them a couple of times. As if that weren't bad enough, their dismount puts them behind us, so we have to be aware of targetting. But now we've earned Ji Firepaw's respect, and he sends us on our way and one step closer to returning Huo, the spirit of fire, to the Temple of Five Dawns...

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