When we arrive at the Dai-Lo Farmstead a little ways down the road from the Singing Pools, we see a very frustrated Ji Firepaw doing everything in his power to awaken the ancient spirit of earth, Wugou. Well, at least this is different: we don't have to find another spirit, we just need to figure out a way to wake one up. Seems easy, but Ji is quick to demonstrate his frustration at pummeling, begging, threatening, and ringing the gong. Wugou doesn't so much as move.

That's okay for now. There are other pressing matters to attend to, but first, some shots of the Farmstead:

Due to Wugou's slumber, the earth has become almost too dry to plant in. To make matters worse, rabbit-like virmen have completely overrun the fields and dug a nice, large hovel in the center of the area. There are a lot of pandaren on the Wandering Isle, and Gao Summerdraft, the leader of the Farmstead, is worried this will result in dire consequences. He'd like us to steal back the pilfered crops, and Ji figures it's as good a time as any to route the rodents.

Time to venture into the fields and surrounding areas!

Goods in hand, we return to our worried brethren, offering them some reprieve. Now to focus on Wugou, though, because if he doesn't wake up, the chance of having plentiful, healthy crops gets ever smaller! Ji figures smacking the farmstead's gong with something more solid might work, and sends us over to the Ki-Han Brewery. Jojo Ironbrow, who we last saw in the Singing Pools, wants to show us just how strong he is (again), and sends us to look for planks in the same area.

One would think either one would inform us that the brewery is swarming with more virmen. Right? Or that there happens to be a giant white one guarding the front door, and that's who we need to kill to get the big 'ol stick Ji wants? No?


Once again Jojo shows us his strength by smashing through what we bring back to him. Ji allows us to ring the gong that should awaken Wugou, but it doesn't work! Wugou does his best elemental snort before going back to sleep. Well, now what? Now we find Shu (who we carted over from the Singing Pools) to throw some water in Wugou's face. Thankfully it works, and now we're tasked with bringing both of them to the Temple of Five Dawns to reunite with Huo.

There's just one ancient spirit left to find, and then we get to figure out just what might be ailing Shen-zin Su, the giant turtle the Wandering Isle sits atop.

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