Hungaro's signature spell: Disintegrate 

Hungaro's father died to a spell that disintegrated the body. In an attempt to recreate this spell, he slowly started to improve the technique, eventualy to its final form, the Disintegrate. "For that spell to kill my father, it means it is one of the most powerful spells of all times! That's why I had to recreate it."

The Disintegrate is his finisher, this powerful spell is the conjuration of a limited-length beam of pure arcane energy that pierces through enemies. Sometimes it makes a body to explode in the same instant. Killed enemies are disintegrated, leaving no corpse.



  • Tomb of Viola:
"Wish you were here... But that damn spell left no corpse... -Raising your skeleton? No... You deserve better than that. When the time comes... And as a last resource... I will rise you on our mystical well in the chamber. That I promise you father."
  • Shatterspear Tournament, grand finals:
Hangart Helmar: "Were the circumstances different, I would have to surrender the Sword of Orman"
Hungaro: '"To me the real victory is the pleasure to share the finals with a loyal Forsaken, the Rotgarde won the tournament, not me."
  • Aggro:
"You stand before a master of the Arcane. One would be unwise to challenge me. Many have been disintegrated."
  • Greetings:
"Seven Kingdoms, One Empire."

________________________________________________________________________________________ Personality: ​​​​​

In life, his intentions were good, but Arthas exploited his faults and desires as soon as he got raised as undead. Though he took the arcane in an effort to defend his people, this was all for naught, as he was controled to destroy what he sought to protect. After being raised as undead, Hungaro claims he no longer feels remorse, shame, or pity.

Here was born a new Hungaro, a ruthless and cynical person with a grim sense of humor. As an undead, Hungaro was not above mocking his enemies and gloating over their defeats. Hungaro is a man of action - brave, impulsive and straightforward. He is an inspiring leader, leading his men by example. In conversations with other Forsaken, he appears easy-going, yet able to hold true to his decisions and make others accept them. Hungaro also has a strong sense of loyalty to his men and Lordaeron. On the other hand, Hungaro is vindictive, and always takes well to losing, making a big lesson from that and learning with the mistakes. He often feels underappreciated. He does never stand the thought of others betraying his trust. 

Hungaro fights an internal battle within himself, fighting not to descend into madness or despair. Even though he feels depressed sometimes, Hungaro finds happiness in torturing someone or when battling. He is racist, rude and arrogant to most people, with exception of the Forsaken. To the Forsaken, Hungaro is very respectful, kind, protector, and extremely loyal.

________________________________________________________________________________________ Relations:

Phillip  Perroy: Hungaro has always been a fan of Perroy and still is, not only for considering him the best tactician ever, but also for being able to command entire armies, something Hungaro lacks. They fought side by side since the beginning of the Rotgarde although Hungaro only joined years later, before the War of Thorns.

Rotgarde: As a leader of the Transcedent Conclave, Hungaro brought countless victories to the Forsaken for more than a decade. But for being too demanding in battle and ask too much of his men before the death of two of his members at the Battle for Lordaeron, joinning the military for the first time gave him a diferent point of view, making him a better leader. Since he always had a good relation with Perroy, the Rotgarde was the organization he chose.

Melany "Skabb" Ashemere: Skabb is the one who most quickly became a member of the Transcendent Conclave, while the second was Danzka, who joinned the conclave in a year. Skabb is one of the few that Hungaro trusted faster, they quickly became good friends. Recently, Skabb started to command the battlegroup Misery alongside Hungaro.

Iztok Miles: It took Hungaro very long to approach Iztok for the first time, he knew that the Hand of Agony and the Rotgarde were not fond of each other, so It required time to build trust. But Hungaro always kept himself neutral to such conflict, his ideals were other, and to him, any loyal Forsaken would be considered a friend until proved otherwise. The idea Hungaro had of Iztok was that of a fierce soldier always eager to fight in war, so naturally the offer for Iztok to join the Battlegroup Misery eventually came up. He also had visions of Iztok joining the Transcendent Conclave in a near future, perhaps because he saw something special on him. But when Hungaro had the oportunity to get to know him better, that's where those visions vanished... After a long conversation between the two, Iztok revealed he was totally the opposit of what Hungaro was expecting. Iztok did not consider himself a warmage, instead, a custodian who has a library where the living is welcome, a place for both the Horde and the Alliance to commune with. Hungaro quickly avoided eye contact with Iztok that instant and had no reaction for minutes while looking into the distance, feeling petrified. He couldn't believe what he just heard... he was disappointed. He left the place without a word, never to talk to Iztok since then. 

† Rethen: Was the first and last mage-priest in the Transcendent Conclave. His hunger for power quickly consumed him and eventually he became corrupted at a crucial moment, at the beginning of the year 27. In the Battle for the Undercity, Rethen turned against what he swore to protect, the Conclave had no other option but to put an end on him.

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