This blog is to briefly explain why I made the switch to new-style forums. You can be one of the the first to post at Special:Forum.

You probably don't remember or didn't see, but I posted a blog back in October 2015 requesting feedback for switching over to Message Walls and New-Style Forums. Clearly, very few people read it and I only got two comments and both were concerned about talk pages vs. Message Walls. So, neither topic is apparently important to most users. This change assumes no one feels too strongly about forums.

So, why did I make the change without more followup feedback?

  1. No one gave feedback against making a forum change.
  2. Forum activity has been extremely low.
  3. New-style forums are better supported by Wikia.
  4. New-style forums are more likely to get feature improvements.
  5. No need to add signatures to posts which many users forget with old-style forums.
  6. Basic threading happens automatically.
  7. The Quote button is nice.
  8. I really like how new-style forums give in-wiki notifications.

Is that enough reasons? Talk pages are still here. No Message Walls yet.

Anyway it's done. You can complain in the new forums! Winky

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