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See BlizzCon 2015 Day 1 evolving blog for day 1.

Hello WoWWikians, this is the evolving day 2 blog for BlizzCon 2015!

Raylan13 and I will be covering BlizzCon for Wikia and WoWWiki. As is usually the case, I will be focusing on Warcraft universe stuff and Raylan13 will be be bouncing around covering as much Blizzard stuff as he can with more focus possibly on non-Warcraft stuff and cool things like contests.

Like for day 1, this an "evolving" blog, so I will try to add short summaries of things we see as the day goes on, but since I don't know when I'll have access to update it, I can't predict when this will happen... but it will happen.

Today the main focus will be Legion-Logo-Small Legion updates and various answers and feedback from the World of Warcraft Design Team interview in the afternoon on Saturday (4:30 pm Pacific).

So, follow this page for updates!

Throughout the day we will also be posting stuff on Icon-twitter-22x22 @WoWWiki on Twitter, so follow that too!

World of Warcraft: Legion - Game Systems

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Panel will focus on items, professions, and classes.

  • Craig Amai on artifacts up first.
  • Go to Broken Isles to accumulate Artifact Power. Many sources.
  • First trait unlocks trait tree. Cool trait examples… End tree traits will be powerful and transformative.
  • You can unlock all artifact traits in tree eventually. Incremental bonuses for traits can increase also.
  • Relics (new) can increase ilvl and trait bonuses. Adds flexibility.
    • Artifact relics have different types. Similar to gems, but changes trait tree choices and gives more interesting abilities and power.
    • Artifact upgrade event which unlocks relic slots and models.
  • Unlockable colors as well as models usually via achievement. Color unlock will be lore/history based.
  • Brief video shown that revealed many other artifact models.
  • Matt Goss on items.
  • More world epic drops that have unique effects.
  • All legion items can scale up to best item level
  • Duplicate personal (soulbound) loot can be traded!
  • Transmogrification goals: Clean up bank/inventory, expand customization, and collection emphasis.
    • Wardrobe! For storing transmog appearances.
      • Soul bound items become appearance transmog listed and don’t need to be kept…
      • New improved UI for appearance collecting!
      • Outfits are sets for transmog that can be linked like talent trees.
    • Appearances are retroactively added from quests completed, even items not chosen!
    • Outfits can be linked to auto change based on spec.
    • Specific slot hiding including shoulders.
    • Weapon enchants, shirts and tabards are transmoggable!
  • Paul Kubit game designer on professions.
  • More profession stuff to do… recipe acquisition by getting out in the world…
  • Crafting profession example: IconSmall Tailoring [Tailoring] adventures to introduce new related elements of profession…
  • Learn profession abilities and recipes from NPCs in world.
  • Get [Obliterum] from converting crafted items at Obliterum Forge that can increase power of existing crafted items.
  • Recipes will have ranks shown by a number of stars. 1-3 star ranks…
  • Update to trade skill UI with favorites at the top of the list.
  • Can see unlearned recipes with guides for how to get them.
  • Crafted gear should be special… some differences are strange…
  • IconSmall Inscription [Inscription]:
    • Major glyphs… gone!
    • Minor glyphs will be consumable to apply on a spell. Vantus Runes are buffs to help against bosses.
  • Gathering resource nodes (herb nodes, mining nodes, etc.) shared!
  • Secondary profession changes:
  • Kris Zierhut More class details.
  • Improve class fantasy: Immersive, Distinct, and Empowering.
  • Immersion:
    • Demonology warlock: Now focused on summoning and many more minions. Less abilities tied to warlock having demonic powers, but more minions with more abilities.
    • Guardian druid: Less dodge, more survivability (armor, damage resistance, more health, etc.).
  • Distinct:
  • Empowering:
    • Death knight rune cleanup (only 1 rune type).
    • Fury warrior had too many charge abilities (movement rush)… Now simplified.
    • Arcane mage didn’t feel powerful… rotation was brittle… New mastery: [Savant] boosts mana.
    • Shadow priest… taps into powers of the void… new resource: Insanity!
      • They gain their powers from the Old Gods!
      • As Shadow priest gains insanity they eventually gain [Void Form]!
  • Major talent revision… more spec specific talents…
  • Class change omnibus blog coming.
Class Halls/Order Halls
  • Goals:
    • Location should make you feel like your class.
    • Hall should welcome a variety of representations of their class.
    • Hall should show the orders forming around the cause of fighting the Legion.
  • IconSmall Druid Druid hall as an example.
  • Hall will have artifact altar/shrine for working on artifact.
  • Halls will have class champions who will appear more in the world and have personality.
  • Halls will have a scouting map activity hub.
  • Class specific content and specialized quests.
  • Armor stands, special locations and perks that are class specific.
  • Dalaran again a main expansion hub with gates/portals to halls.
Demon Hunters

World of Warcraft: Legion - Q&A

Questions and answers are paraphrased (and highly summarized). Panelists names will be added after a Virtual Ticket update. If you don't want to read my sketchy summaries, you can watch the video uploaded by Icon-youtube-22x22 Fredrik Thorslund.

Jesse Cox moderating.


  • Red shirt guy - *Q: Will we see Alleria and Turalyon
    • A: They will be discovered at some point and their discovery will change you perspective on World of Warcraft.
  • Q: Any chance of subraces being playable?
    • A: Yes, but as part of overall game flexibility.
  • Q: Affiliated guilds with cross guild chat and shared raid scheduling?
    • A: Not for Legion, working toward it.
  • Q: Will flying unlock achievement be completable at launch?
    • A: No, in future patch.
  • Q: Will we see Bolvar Fordragon?
    • A: Cameo coming, probably in Icecrown.
  • Q: More cosmetic class quests?
  • Q: Shared tap introduced in Timeless Isle for older content?
    • A: Tapping in outdoor world revolution coming without joining a party… Won’t apply for major targets.
  • Q: Expansion release rate?
    • A: Goal is toward 1 per year… Quality trumps release dates… team built.
  • Q: Is Sargeras Tomb where his remains are or is it just a monument?
    • A: Right now just a monument (implies may change).
  • Q: Guild housing or quests?
    • A: Targeting multi-guild membership… Still needs design.
  • Q: New battleground in Legion?
    • A: No. Focus on new honor systems.
  • Q: Will starting zones change due to return of Burning Legion?
    • A: No, but possible.
  • Q: What protects Dalaran from the Burning Legion?
    • A: Dalaran is upgraded. Something big will be discovered in Dalaran.
  • Q: Resolve Cataclysm stories?
    • A: Sure? Want to.
  • Q: Challenge mode keystone system?
    • A: The keystones should be widespread, but temporary.
  • Q: More bags for bank?
    • A: Remove need for holding items you don’t need to instead of increasing bank slots.
  • Q: Warriors… is [Titan’s Grip] dead?
    • A: No. 1H Artifact Weapons for Fury will scale up.
  • Q: Clear answer on where all the versions of Burning Legions come from?
    • A: Expansion should attempt to answer.
  • Q: More character slots per server?
    • A: 1 extra slot for Legion expansion.
  • Q: More scenarios?
    • A: No. But Broken Shore and other mechanisms will use ideas and mechanisms seen in scenarios.
  • Q: If you want to pre-order and still get Collector’s?
    • A: Contact customer service. They will credit you back your pre-order payment.
  • Q: Multi-role disadvantage around artifacts?
    • A: Catchup mechanisms for off-specs. Relics will still need to make a choice where to use.
  • Q: Three specs?
    • A: Legion will allow tri-spec (except 4 Druid and 2 Demon Hunter). Improved spec UI and default spec (eliminates no spec situation).
  • Q: Remove multistrike, but not versatility?
    • A: Multistrike doesn’t make as much sense across classes. PvPers and tanks like versatility.
  • Q: Rep grind speed ups?
    • A: Yes improving alt catchup, but maybe not specifically rep grinds.
  • Q: AQ gate opening-like event for Legion?
    • A: No. Invasions will be similar. Being discussed.
  • Q: Karazhan relevant?
    • A: Yes (definitely for artifacts).
  • Q: Karazhan 5-player?
    • A: Crazy! No.
  • Q: Stuff under Tirisfal Glades?
    • A: Yes… artifact related?
  • Q: Wrathion?
    • A: Probably in Highmountain? May look different.
  • Q: Chess event-like?
    • A: Sarcastic no.
  • Q: Battle for Undercity like event?
    • A: Scenario-like tech will replicate things like it.
  • Q: Make old world materials relevant for profs?
    • A: Mostly no. Hard to do. Too much expansion focus.
  • Q: More forsaken, tauren, worgen, and gnome stuff?
    • A: Some? Mostly for forsaken and tauren…
  • Q: Old gods featured?
    • A: Yes.
  • Q: More than one raid per tier?
    • A: Probably, but more to break up mega multi-boss (7+) raids.
  • Q: Smaller, less boss raids (< 7 or so)?
    • A: Add shortcuts so you don't have to kill all bosses all the time.
  • Q: Return of Reforging?
    • A: No.
  • Q: Artifacts still usable after Legion?
    • A: TBD, but currently no. May be constrained to an expansion to allow devs to make feature more expansive.
  • Q: Bad luck protection to get drops that are rare?
    • A: Not really. Depends on type… no change for mostly cosmetic items.
  • Q: Dance studio?
    • A: Someday. No timeline.
  • Q: Retro-realms to recreate experience of older expansions or vanilla?
    • A: No. Too complex… SW engineering problem.
  • Q: Will artifact cause a type of lock-in even if not first choice?
    • A: Yes, but artifacts will be transmoggable to look different (but why?).
  • Q: Alliance character dev without dying or loss?
    • A: No. Winky
  • Q: Class hall cross faction chat?
    • A: You will see other faction, but only demon hunters will be able to chat with other faction demon hunters (may change).
  • Q: In-game version of Open Raid?
    • A: Working on it.
  • Q: Alternate universe heroes?
    • A: TBD.
  • Q: Gilneans?
    • A: A little.
  • Q: PvP gear from PvE?
    • A: Drop in strongboxes.
  • Q: See final expansion boss during leveling and early raids?
    • A: Yes.
  • Q: Raid finder or Mythic become flex?
    • A: Flex prob only to make group bigger, but prob no. Flex tuning too hard for Mythic.
  • Q: New specs?
    • A: No. Make easier to find players than change raid size numbers.
  • Q: Find groups for keystone challenge dungeons?
    • A: Group finder still. Keystone will be a commodity to attract players.
  • Q: Reduce need for split raiding (multiple gearing raids with a subset of mains getting drops that might otherwise go to alts)?
    • A: Ion hates split raiding… no good answer. Need suggestions.
  • Q: Nefarian encounter have class debuff call out for demon hunter addition?
    • A: Yes.
  • Q: One thing panelists thing should check out?
    • A: Tom Chilton: Legendary world drops.
    •     Ion Hazzikostas: UI improvements.
    •     Jay Wilson: Effects and weapon trails.
    •     Luis Barriga: Level up experience.
    •     Chris Robinson: Class accessories… via artifacts, most likely?
    •     Alex Afrasiabi: Voiceovers.
    •     Matt Goss: Keystones and challenge dungeons.
  • Q: Favorite class spec artifact?
    • A: Chilton: Axes for Blood DK and Ashbringer.
    •     Ion Hazzikostas: Fire mage runeblade and acquisition quest.
    •     Jay Wilson: Holy priest artifact.
    •     Luis Barriga: Loved playing havoc demon hunter, but Ashbringer.
    •     Chris Robinson: Plead the 5th, but Frost DK.
    •     Alex Afrasiabi: Frost DK.
    •     Matt Goss: Eagle Spear.
  • Q: Is Jaina a dreadlord?
    • A: Alex... Yeah sure, she is. She’s not a dreadlord. And apologies to gnome-lovers from Alex (Afrasiabi) and Chris (Robinson).

Design Team Dev Q&A - Matt Goss

Raylan13 (R) and Fandyllic (F) do a Q&A with Lead Game Designer Matt Goss (MG) for WoWWiki.
  • R: With the Burning Legion coming into Broken Isles, how much of the rest of Azeroth is going to be affected?
    MG: It's going to hit Azeroth too. Their plans are to attack Azeroth first, so that's the point of going to the Borken Shore. You're going to see some serious invasions on the continents.
  • F: Are those areas going to be focused on what are usually level 50+ zones?
    MG: They'll strike different places. Places close to home or maybe far away from home. I don't want to get too specific.
  • F: Will there be invasions in the starting zones?
    MG: No, places like Northshire aren't really a high target.
  • F: Will world dragon bosses return in Legion? (Emerald nightmare dragons.)
    MG: No plans for that.
  • R: Is Acherus the Order Hall for Death knights and will it be moving?
    MG: Yes, but I'm not the best person to answer why it is moving.
  • F: Treasures in pre-Draenor zones?
    MG: Not right now. Broken Isles, but there may be something like that for invasions. It's alot of work to put them across the entire world.
  • F: So maybe world drops will be like treasures?
    MG: Only in Legion (Broken Isles).
  • R: Anything more about priest and shaman Order Halls.
    MG: Sorry I don't have any more info.
  • F: Is there anything to make questing less grindy?
    MG: We have quite a few things to help with that already like "talking heads" (popup NPC voiceovers with text in the screen). We've pushed stuff when more and more things will happen during quest. Also zone scaling will allow you to move around more. We have more voiceover than ever before?
  • F: Are we gonna see anything about the naga?
    MG: They're around. I think we announced something about an upgraded model. Hanging in out in Aszuna.
  • R: For the artifact syste, is every class and every spec going to have access that doesn't require a group?
    MG: They are going to be solo quests and a character will be able to get all the artifacts for all their possible specs.
  • F: Will the artifact quest chains be like 20 or 5 quests?
    MG: They're pretty epic and they tie into the founding of your Order Hall.
  • F: Why did you re-use the name relic?
    MG: Relic was the right thing to describe what it is. The artifact weapon idea has been around through Warcraft's history. If you want to put something in an artifact, it evokes the idea of something ancient. They are kind of these ethereal things.
  • F: So this is like an improved gem system?
    MG: There is definitely parallels, but the similarities end there. The purpose of relics is to power up an artifact whereas gems are more like an addition. This actually feeds the item level and trait choices. It pushes throught the artifact.
  • R: Which heroes are gonna have to die for us to get some of these (artifact) weapons?
    MG: It's going to be interesting to see. That doesn't mean they have to die. Maybe they'll get cool new replacements. There may be some bad things happening. This is like dire times... this is the Legion coming back.

Preliminary questions for the Design Team dev

Status updated. Transcript of Q&A with Matt Goss upcoming.
  • Will there be architecture unique to Demon Hunters?
    • Didn't ask. I got to play through Demon Hunter starting experience in Mardum, so look for some answers in an upcoming blog.
  • More plans for class aka Order Halls?
    • We got the items dev and he didn't know much about class/order halls.
  • World dragon bosses possibly returning? Asked.
  • Treasures in pre-Draenor zones? Asked.
  • How much re-hash of Outland-style demonic structures will their be?
    • Didn't ask. Mardum featured quite a bit of demonic architecture, so look for some answers in an upcoming blog.
  • Improvements for the Demonology warlock spec?
    • We got the items dev and he didn't know much about class stuff, but this was covered in the Game Systems panel below.
  • Anything to make questing less grindy? Asked.
  • Will we see much more of the naga and their architecture? Asked.
  • What exactly are Drogbar? Asked.
    • We got the items dev and he didn't know much about Drogbar.
    • Not really a design question, but hey. They look like rocky goblin-orcs.
  • Several on-the-fly questions were asked when we found out the dev was an items specialist.
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