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Hello WoWWikians, this is the evolving day 1 blog for BlizzCon 2015!

Raylan13 and I will be covering BlizzCon for Wikia and WoWWiki. As is usually the case, I will be focusing on Warcraft universe stuff and Raylan13 will be be bouncing around covering as much Blizzard stuff as he can with more focus possibly on non-Warcraft stuff and cool things like contests.

I call this an "evolving" blog, because I will try to add short summaries of things we see as the day goes on, but since I don't know when I'll have access to update it, I can't predict when this will happen... but it will happen.

Of course the main focus will be Icon-warcraftmovie-22x22 the movie (of course), but I'm sure we'll get some Legion-Logo-Small Legion updates, but if you read this you should comment with questions and feedback for the World of Warcraft Design Team interview in the afternoon on Saturday (4:30 pm Pacific).

So, follow this page for updates!

Throughout the day we will also be posting stuff on Icon-twitter-22x22 @WoWWiki on Twitter, so follow that too!

Costume contest

Medival Marine - first place cosplay

1st Place: Papa Cosplay - "Medieval Marine"

  • 1st Place: Papa Cosplay - "Medieval Marine"
  • 2nd Place: Spiffzaya - "Doom Armor Crusader"
  • 3rd Place: Fabricator Djinn - "Imperius"
  • 4th Place: Kelton Chang - "King of Blades"

Movie contest

  • 1st Place: Chris Kellett - The Heroes of the Store
  • 2nd Place: Mushanga - Garrison
  • 3rd Place:  Nixxiom - Level 3 Raider

Art contest

  • 1st Place: Birdman - "Cairne Bloodhoof"
  • 2nd Place: Tetero - "Let's Go"
  • 3rd Place: XuMuYang - "Goblin Raid"

Talent contest

  • 1st Place: Pan-Galactic Blizzard Jazz Orchestra playing The Cow King Swing
  • 2nd Place: Hope Diamond playing Crusader
  • 3rd Place: Awesome City Limits playing Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm themed music
  • 4th Place: Unleasha as Ysera doing acrobatic silk maneuvers

World of Warcraft: Legion - World and Content Overview

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Pinkachu was super great and uploaded TONS of screenshots from the DirecTV live stream, so keep checking back for these and updates here.

Brief introduction to the expansion by Alex Afrasiabi.

"So where we last left off (WoD), Gul'dan had taken control of the Iron Horde from Grommash Hellscream and was rasing a fell infused army to invade Azeroth and burn it to the ground. Now of course, being the righteous defenders of justice that we are, we stopped that from happening, or so we thought. The Burning Legion wasn't about to let their pawn fail. Not again. So while Draenor was saved, and it was saved, Gul'dan would be sent to OUR world where he would be allowed to fullfill his pact."

"What happened to Gul'dan on Azeroth? Well, on our world, Gul'dan would hear a familier voice. A voice that had been directing him all through Draenor. Kil'jaeden. And Kil'jaeden would gift Gul'dan with near limitless knowledge of the Burning Legion. And with the secrets of the universe in his grasp, Gul'dan would be commanded to the Broken Isles, to the Tomb of Sargeras, where he would shatter protective wards, sealing an ancient gateway to Legion worlds. Needless to say, Gul'dan succeeds and kicks off the largest Burning Legion invasion of Azeroth ever. "

(Que the new cinematic trailer here) Alex goes on to state that this is the first time that Blizzard has ever tied a cinematic directly into the main story of the game and that it was in fact, a direct hand-off. With Legion they felt like they had an opportunity to take storytelling to another level. Their intent was not only to get players excited about the expansion but also highlight the 'heroes' in their darkest hour and paint a target on the most dominant threat in the universe, the Burning Legion and in the middle of all of that, kick off what they consider to be a really great Warcraft story.

During the cinematic, players might notice the ships approaching land. This area of land is the Broken Shore. What is the Broken Shore? Alex explains it as 'Ground zero for the Legion invasion'. While the Burning Legion is coming directly from the Tomb of Sargeras, Varian and Sylvanas have made it to the Broken Shore and will meet up with players as well as the other heroes of the Alliance and the Horde. He also notes that the boost experience is it's own separate adventure allowing all players to start at the Broken Shore on somewhat equal ground.

The Broken Shore is in actuality a 40 player scenario, broken down the middle into two equal groups of 20 consisting of both Alliance and Horde who will work together in unison, working their way up the Broken Shore, heading for the Tomb of Sargeras to meet the Burning Legion and "find out what the fate of the world is".

Demon hunter starting zoneMardum / Vault of the Wardens

Next up was Eric Maloof to talk about the Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter is the new Hero class. It starts at level 98. He states by the time the players finish the intro, they will know what it truly means to be a Demon Hunter.

The Elves who have become hunters (Blood Elf and Night Elf races only) have left behind their friends and family and have taken in large amounts of Fel energy, corrupting their bodies. They have even gouged out their own eyes to gain spectral sight, to see their enemies better and did it for one reason. To destroy the Burning Legion. Eric goes on to explain that the Demon Hunter intro also creates a bridge from the Burning Crusade expansion to the present. Players will finally know what Illidan Stormrage was up to, all those years ago at the Black Temple when players were raiding him.

Illidan at the top of the temple terrace

Story board for Demon Hunter intro. Cinematics still in development

At the beginning of the intro (cinematic still under development) players will see Illidan atop the Black Terrace, surveying the scene below. The combined might of the Shattrath army, and the Champions of Azeroth (Burning Crusade), have arrived to raid the temple but they have arrived too soon. Illidan was not prepared so this moves up the time table for his mission. He and his Demon Hunters (the player characters)will have to move now on an invasion to a demon world for a very specific purpose. Illidan uses his Fel energy to rip open a portal to the demon world called Mardum. He and the players will jump through and begin the assault.

Mardum used to be a prison world for demons. Back when the Titan Sargaras was still good, he put all the demons he came across on to Mardum, imprisoning them there with an item he called the Sargarite Keystone. When Sargaras became evil, he shattered Mardun into thousands of pieces. It was on one of the fragments that Sargaras entrusted the Sargarite Keystone to one of his most loyal demons. The Keystone is the objective of the player's mission in Mardum.

At the end of the mission players return to the Black Temple where they, along with their fellow Demon Hunters are taken prisoner by Maiev Shadowsong and the Champions of Azeroth. They are imprisoned inside the Vault of the Wardens where they are expected to remain forever.

Many years have passed, the Burning Legion has invaded (present time) the Broken Isles and the Champions of Azeroth are losing. The second half of the Demon Hunter intro has players looking for a way to escape the Vault of the Wardens. When they do, it will be up to them to help save the world.

All players will be introduced to not only stronger versions of the demons they have met in the past but also to completely new ones, including The Imp Mother, Jailer and the Inquisitor.

New demons1

The Burning Legion has also added huge building full of Fel energy call 'constructs'. The serve a special purpose in the new Legion war machine and it's a side of the Burning Legion no one has seen before. Demon Hunters while in Mardum will learn to use the Legion's devices against them, learning new spells as they go and unlike the Death Knight intro where players were given abilities as they played, the Demon Hunter will steal power and tear the abilities from the defeated demons themselves. The Demon Hunter will also gain a new mount  as a gift from Illidan called the Felsaber.

Legion Fellsaber

After the missions are completed, players will meet up wtih their factions. When they arrive at their capital city, they will find the leaders in desperate need of their help. Players will return to Mardum to establish their class Order Hall and will be able to start the quest for their class specific Artifact Warglaives.

Julian Morris and Gary Platner talk next about the Broken Isles.  Players will be scouring the isles in search of ancient Titan relics known as the Pillars of Creation. The Titans used the relics to shape Azeroth into it's first form. It is only with the aid of these relics, the aid of the Demon Hunter allies and the Artifacts that players find, that the Champions of Azeroth have a chance of defeating the Burning Legion and closing the demon portal in the Tomb of Sargaras. Julian also explains the history of the Broken Isles. The isles exist today (Legion) a fragment of what they once were and are divided into six zones. Azsuna, Val'sharah, Thal'dranath, Stormheim, Highmountain and Suramar. Players will start at the Broken Shores but will be able to choose one of four zones to start their journey. All roads eventually lead to Suramar.

Warcraft movie panel

Were you looking for Raylan13's Warcraft Movie Panel blog?
Raylan13 took notes, so see the above blog for more detail... notes below may not be in chronological order and paraphrased. Thanks to MMO Champion, you can listen to audio of the panel.
  • Not to be mean, but close up screening of the official trailer was totally awesome!
  • Panel was hosted by Chris Hardwick with Duncan Jones and some of the cast from left to right:
  • Chris Hardwick (CH) asks Duncan Jones (DJ) who it feels for the trailer to be out considering how long he has been working on the movie.
    • Duncan Jones is relieved the trailer will be online.
  • CH to DJ: What was it about this particular story was important for you?
    • DJ: Blizzard/Legendary wanted to make the movie for awhile. DJ pitched his experience with the game and wanted to to tell Durotan's story with equal empathy as Lothar's.
  • Chris Metzen showed up at this point and seating was re-arranged. CH to CM: Why is it important to tell this story via a movie?
    • CM: Making a movie was risky and that the lore is sacred to players. He wanted to expose the story to population outside gamers. It was important to Blizzard and Legendary to share the story.
    • He talked about how helpful Jon Jashni of Legendary Pictures was early on and shared his desire to get the Warcraft universe into a film.
    • He talked in great detail about the trials finding a directory, how the script for the movie evolved, and how he and DJ tried to cleanup and streamline the original WCOnH logo 16x48 Warcraft I story for the movie. DJ worked well with CM and DJ gets the Warcraft universe.
    • DJ: We wanted to show people what was so compelling about Warcraft universe.
    • CH: After seeing a rough cut of the movie, there are great easter eggs for the Warcraft community, but much for the non-Warcraft community to enjoy.
    • DJ: We can put the audience in a rich and lush world.
  • Toby Kebbell asked if Warcraft motion capture will advance state of the art when compared to his previous roles where saw bleeding edge mo-cap. He talked about how the current technology does a great job allowing an actor to express emotion while not needing to worry about the vanity parts like how his hair looked.
  • Ben Foster started to dump some major spoilers about Medivh and Clancy Brown came over and faux broke his neck at the behest of Duncan Jones.
  • Daniel Wu talked about how his wife plays WoW and helped him with research. Duncan Jones told him not to do too much research online because of the quantity and that it might lead him astray from intentt of the script.
  • Clancy did his crazy, low-grumbly bass version of a barely understandable version of Blackhand's voice.
    • At some point Chris Hardwick asked him if the physicality of the character informs and actor on how to play the role and Clancy said simply "Yes". Ben Foster then came over and did the fake neck break on Clancy.
    • Clancy gave credit to Daniel Cudmore for helping him with much of the physical movement part and sometimes standing in for him in motion capture parts that were particularly tough.
  • Paula Patton talked extensively about how she really enjoyed researching and investing in the role of Garona and her conflicted nature as well as her connection to both sides of the conflict. Duncan Jones jumped in and said that Garona is at the core of the story and represents a bridge character between Alliance and Horde.

Summary of opening ceremony

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