Archilos {ar-kill-oss) is a male Night Elf Hunter situated on the Jubei'Thos server. As of June 16th 2007, Archilos is currently Level 38, and has accumulated approximately 3 and 1/2 days of playtime since he was created on May 11th.

Archilos is a currently an active main character and is presently training to become one of the great hunters of Azeroth and the Outland for that matter as well.


Archilos is a passive, yet lion hearted character who is not afraid to fight any enemy which he considers beatable. "To die fighting is a greater honour than to die running" is the principle which he lives by. If there is an enemy endangering the lives of his fellow alliance chaps, he will show no mercy and vigourously roar into the heat of battle.

Archilos prefers to train his strength alone, well alone, except for his trusty companion, which he simply would not be able to survive without, and thus Archilos treats his pet with great kindness.

Playing Style

Although a Hunters primary damage dealing comes from ranged attacks, Archilos is quite adapt at melee as well, and even if he finds an enemy which is too near to shoot down, he an use his swords to slay yet another of his foes.

Although the talents of Archilos aren't concrete as yet, he is setting out to specialise in a mixture of Survival and Marksmanship techniques.


Archilos at level 36


Archilos was created on May 11 2007 and started his training in the Teldrassil area, and completed every quest in the area solo. It was here he got his first pet, a Nightsaber Stalker. After completing the Teldrassil quests, he disregarded the gloomy atmosphere of Darkshore and proceeded to the brighter Westfall. However, to reach his destination, he would have to travel though the hostile Wetlands area, with the swamp crocodies 10 levels the higher smelling young meat. Despite this, he made it through unscathed, even though a very persistent level 31 warlock chased him all the way to Loch Modan, and as a consequence got slaughtered by the guards, who luckily reacted quickly and prevented such a monstrosity entering alliance territory.

Soon enough, Archilos would see the magna of Ironforge for the first time, but after a short sight seeing walk, he hopped on the Deeprun Tram and went to Stormwind. At Stormwind, he would discard his whimpy dagger and buy a shiny new sword, as well as a better bow.

The journey to Sentinel Hill took a while, but he simply killed the Wolves who dared challenged him. Once there, he took a deep breath and afterwards set out to begin his second round of quests.

The sky was blue, he would receive an old blanket,recipes for Goretusk Liver Pie and Westfall stew among his first green drops.

By then, Archilos was level 13, and proceeded towards the gold mines, where he would kill the roguish Defias thugs who threatened the wellbeing of the citizens of Westfall. Archilos, equipped with a trusty bow and Kresiro, his feline companion, pierced the heart of the evil criminals, and helped towards peace for Westfall.

Before long, Archilos was level 17, and was ready to face the grunt of the Defias army, whose headquarters were deep underground in the Deadmines]...

From there, Archilos has been diligently training and has ventured into many lands, including Wetlands,Duskwood,Stranglethorn Vale,Desolace and Thousand Needles. Today, he is level 38, and is currently training in the Badlands, flying towards level 40.


  • Bow
  • Sword

As at June 23rd


Listed by joining date, oldest first.

  • Raiders of Shadows
  • Lothar's Right Hand
  • The Lost Boys (Current)


  1. .Kresiro, Level 10-20, Nightsaber Stalker
  2. .Bhejran, Level 20-30, Ghostpaw Runner
  3. .Thinktank Level 30-* Snapjaw
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