Zuelu of Haomarush (now known more commonly as Lightforged of Haomarush) is a raider in The Departed (Haomarush-US). On Lightforged, he serves as an offtank for raids (25 man) and MT or OT on 10 Man. Before Wrath of the Lich King on his hunter, it was speculated that he was one of the top 5 geared and skilled hunters on the server (along with Piper of LinkDead, Oldtoad of Taco Stand Bandits, Jukkyei, and Aurelio of Taco Stand Bandits).

He is currently writing a fictional series called "Sin'dorei", with real NPC's and Characters names taken from real players. Based off of a fictional High Elf death knight named Bakthar, he walks through his life as a death knight making friends and trying to mend the relationship between the Horde and the Alliance. Episode one, entitled "Ruin! Prelude to War!", and Episode two, entitled "Negotiations Failed: Open Warfare" have been completed, and he is waiting on the Ulduar patch (patch 3.1.0) to complete Episode 3, entitled "Path of the Fallen". It has been confirmed that the series will end with the destruction of the Lich King.

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