Silvermoon (EU)
Level 60 Paladin

As a WoWWiki contributor, my main interests are the Formulas and game mechanics category category. I have created the Research category to report and discuss findings which should later be submitted to the former category.

Articles I'm a main contributor to Edit

  • Report on terminology. An investigation of the deficiencies of the terminology used across WoWWiki.
  • Report on the internal threat index. An investigation of how the game increments threat levels internally.
  • Aggro. A description of how the game handles threat and aggro, based on Kenco's reports.
  • Mana regeneration. A description of various sources of mana regeneration and their differences.
  • Caster. A definition of the term 'caster'.

Crusades I'm on Edit

A long series of edits with the same theme across a large portion of the wiki I call a crusade. I encourage you to join my crusades, to further their mission. Or convince me to stop before all is lost.

  • Aggro terminology. The terms 'aggro', 'threat' and 'hate' are mixed and used inconsistently across the entire wiki. I try to enforce the terminology used in the Aggro article which in turn is based on Kenco's report on threat and aggro. So far I have edited more than 10 articles in the spirit of this crusade.
  • Also See boxes. I've developed a neat 'Also See' template based on the style of the 'Categories' box which allow you to add up five references to other articles. I would like to see it used throughout the wiki. So far I have edited more than 30 articles in the spirit of this crusade.

My editing philosophy Edit

  1. I always think my edits improve an article, even if it's miniscule or include deletions. Otherwise, I wouldn't make them.
  2. I edit boldly rather than conservatively. If I see something I dislike I will use my freedom as a wiki-user to remove it or change it without prior notice. If you disagree with an edit of mine, I hope you will discuss it with me somehow so we can reach a consensus.
  3. I never consider an article to be 'mine', even if I seem to make large and frequent contributions or edits to it. I will not get angry if you edit portions of my contributions but I might attempt to improve upon it.
  4. All my contributions to this wiki are expressions of my opinion, not necessarily of truth. This should be obvious and I will not bother pointing it out for every single contribution I make.
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