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Personal Information

Name: Zerrai Dejorou

Nicknames: Zer, Lady Troll

Current Titles: The one, the only, Traumanatrix.

Current Occupation: Councellor and Guild Banker.

Race: Troll

Age: 28 (level 60)

Class: Mage (11 arcane / 40 frost)

Sex: Female

Skin: White

Hair: White

Height: About 6'.

Noteable Facts : In Character

- Family lived in the Hinterlands before the land was taken over by the tribes of Jin'Thalor. When the bloodthirsty tribe swarmed the area, Zerrai was saved by an aunt and fled south to a hidden encampment near Ironforge, where they stayed for many years. Because of their settling here, Zerrai became fluent in the language of the Dwarves, and still holds a heavy Dwarven ((Scottish)) accent, rather than the more common Troll dialect ((Jamaican)).

- In character, is often accompanied by Velvallis, an undead warrior that her spiritual guides have told her is her "opposite" and that the two must learn from eachother in order to achieve... sort of a warrior's enlightenment.

- Is engaged to be married to an undead warlock known only as "The Great One". The two of them fell in love when he was still human. Upon his untimely death, a shattered and grieving Zerrai took him to the Undercity to be transformed into a forsaken. This caused a great rift between her and Velvallis, who was angry that she disrupted the balance of life and death for love. Fortunately, the Great One adjusted well to being forsaken, and found his powers to have grown tenfold since his transformation. During a time had trouble balancing the depth of his powers with his sense of morality, many ended up dead and he is feared and respected as a powerful man.

- Zerrai was once kidnapped by a Paladin by the name of Warbux, who meant to make her his wife. The ordeal resulted in a chase from Orgrimmar to Tiragarde keep, where Zerrai fled her kidnapper and expressed a desire to those persuing them that he not be harmed further. The man was snatched up by Mahu, who swam with him to Ratchet, and tossed him on a boat to Booty Bay, never to be heard from again.

- Zamboozle, the travelling medic, tended to The Great One during his transformation into forsaken, and is Zerrai's medical advisor.

- Is frequently seen chatting in Orgrimmar with Fergal, Grot, Kalikiara, Gorthmog, among others.

The Rebirth of Zerrai

-In September Zerrai received her Staff of Dominance from the rock lord Golemagg, and due to her energy instability (thanks to her husband) became addicted to the power provided through the Staff by the Old Gods... a power normally resisted by other weilders of the Staff who are in their full mental faculties.

-Succumbed to her magic addiction and the power of her soul's own darkness, and in late November murdered three guild members during a raid and attempted to kill their guild leader. She was arrested and brought before Thrall, her staff confiscated and she became no more than a rabid dog in chains. Thrall sentenced her to be imprisoned and examined by a council of warlocks.

-(**It is revealed Jan 2nd that her descent into darkness was brought on by discovery of her husband's infidelity**)

-She was released from prison by an unknown entity, given back her staff, and put into hiding.

-She resurfaces soon after and the end of November, when bodies of young horde men are found across Ashenvale and Stonetalon, their life force drained from them while in the throws of passion. Velvallis and Kodar investigate, and the matter is brought before the Conclave. A hunt is formed.

-Zerrai continues to elude the authorities, and secretly gathers allies among the horde who wish to embrace their own darkness, for they know that something important is coming in the near future, and need all the power they can get.

-Velvallis joins the search party for Zerrai, as the Great One has put himself into a seclusion, racked with guilt over what his magic has done to his wife.

-After keeping a low profile, Zerrai makes it known to some neutral parties that she no longer feeds on young men and their life force.

-On December 19, she makes an appearance in Orgrimmar, shouting for those who will listen that they must embrace their own darkness.

-On December 20, Zerrai makes it known to those close to her that she is with child, and denies the name of the father.

-On January 1st, the Great One bargains with Velvallis to kill him in exchange for her return to life. His death, the dispersal of his dark energy, causes an unknowing Zerrai to miscarry the child. In her grief, the light of her soul overpowers the dark, and she turns herself in to the Conclave for trial and punishment (Jan 2nd)

-On Jan 3rd, Zerrai is brought before the Conclave on trial for her crimes, which she makes known to them at the time: the murders of 23 men (her three guild members, and the twenty she fed on to enhance her power to be Kodar's Majordomo). She reveals her story to the members of the Conclave, that the child she carried was Kodar's and that it was mean to be the rebirth of the Viperian Goddess, Ko'zhe. She implores the Conclave to punish her justly, even though the darkness within her has been suppressed. She currently is held captive in the Pools of Vision in Thunder Bluff, awaiting sentencing and verdict.

Noteable Facts : OOC

- Has run UBRS 45 times and has never seen the Magister's Robes drop. Is convinced they don't really drop. Even now she has the Flowing Ritual Robes, and therefore does not need the Magister's Robes, she'd still like to see them drop. Just to screenshot it. UPDATE 10/1 : Zerrai has now received the Arcanist's Robes. The curse has broken. Woot!

- One belonged to <The Red Barrel Bandits> and now a member of <Trauma>

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