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Personal Information Edit

Name: Velvallis, in life held the last name DeZhrou, in death went without.

Nicknames: Vel, Vellis

Current Occupation: Skinner, Blood Knight in training.

Race: Blood Elf

Age: Age at her human death was 23. Spent one year as a scourge, three more as forsaken, and was resurrected into the body of a Blood Elf earlier this year.

Class: Paladin, Retribution

Sex: Female

Skin: Pale caucasian

Hair: White

Height: 5'7"

First Life: Human, Velvallis DeZhrou Edit

Velvalls DeZhrou was raised in the Stormwind Orphanage, being left on their doorstep with no trace or clue as to whom had left her. She kept to herself as a child, more interested in the ways of the sword and the strategy of the fight than boys or dolls. She was a gifted swordsman, and at age 19 her trainer pulled some strings and sent her to study with the Sin'Dorei Rangers.

She was mentored and taught by Vaxius Windstalker, and introduced her to his half-brother Dathar. Velvallis and Dathar had an affair that ended badly, and Velvallis ran off to lead a battalion into the Invasion of Lordaeron. Vaxius followed her to Lordaeron to bring her back to Silvermoon, but they both died in the invasion.

Second Life: Forsaken, Velvallis Edit

Velvallis was freed from the Lich's grasp after a year of being a mindless killer. Plagued by the horrific images of the death of Vaxius, her fury overcomes her, and her recklessness and power in battle captures the interest of Sylvanis Windrunner herself, particularly after Velvallis saves her from a duo of assassins. Sylvanis keeps her with her as an ipso-facto bodyguard. Sylvanis becomes concerned about Vel's ability to control her fury around allies, and offers to erase her memory of her past as a precaution... which Velvallis readily accepts.

Sylvanis then gives Velvallis orders to seek out a troll by the name of Zerrai. Six months later, Vel locates her, and after a strained confrontation, agrees to join her guild and they become friends and battle companions. Velvallis is oblivious that the leader of the guild she has joined is Venix, the forsaken form of Vaxius Windstalker. Vaxius is equally as oblivious to her presence.

Initially, Vel is against Zerrai's relationship with her formerly-human warlock husband, but she bonds with him and feels as if the third member of their family. Velvallis's humanity is tested when Zerrai loses herself, and her grounding force to her sanity reels off into darkness. She splits her time adressing members of the Conclave on the Great One's behalf and caring for him in Zerrai's absense, as he has stopped bandaging himself and caring for his own wellbeing.

The Great One eventually asks her to kill him, knowing that severing his energy from the earth will help to heal his wife. He tells Velvallis that in return he will restore her soul to life. She completes this task, and the dispersing of his energy causes the pregnant Zerrai to miscarry, and after completing the ritual Velvallis's soul is transported from her decrepit body and into one of a dying blood elf.

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