This article provides an unofficial timeline of recorded important events in Warcraft history compiled from all sources published by Blizzard. It should not be considered as an official timeline, but should be more accurate and complete than what Blizzard have provided.

Numbering is based on the opening of the Dark Portal as this is the method used by the latest sources. All dates are considered to be spans of time from one to the next as many events are only given vague ordering and estimated dates.



  • Start of the War of the Ancients


  • The Ironforge Dwarves awaken in Uldaman
  • Khaz Modan is founded


  • Last gnome royalty


  • The Dwarves meet the Gnomes
  • Gnomeregan is built


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Blizzard licensed products are displayed in italics.

Game specifc events, products and information.
Novel specific events, products and information.
RPG specific events, products and information.
Comic and/or Manga specific events, products and information.
Events and information from web supplements.
Events, products and information that do not fit into any of the above categories or are a cominbation of several.

To Do List

  • Double checking some RPG related events.
  • Split past and present events for more sources.
Catch Up


To keep this timeline in check, i will be following normal retcon and neutrality rules as well as a few extras here.

  1. Events with dates that are already contained in a larger source will not be added unless it is merely refrenced to and has no other reference for information.
  2. If a specific date for the begining or end of an event is given in a larger source then that date may be listed.
  3. If the details of an event appear in more than one source, only in-universe text sources and/or a product will be listed.
...more to come...
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