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Basic Information Edit

Name: Zamboozle
Nicknames: Zam, Zammie, Boozle, Boozer
Current Titles: Forsaken Medic, Breaker of Magics
Current Occupation: Medic of the Forsaken (Priest)
Race: Forsaken
Age: Appeared to be in his young thirties on death. Very fresh and well preserved.
Class: Medic (Priest)
Sex: Male
Skin: Pale gray
Hair: Pale Blonde
Height: Roughly 5 feet 10 inches

"He stands straight - as straight as a your hunched over undead can be anyway. He is unusually well kept for being dead. Crisp white bones poke out in places where his white skin as fallen off. His robes are intact and complete, even his hair is clean, straight and combed. The long locks are usually tied neatly behind his head with a ribbon."

"The air around him buzzed with magic - all kinds of magic. It sizzled and cracked around the medic, who seemed oblivious to the unstableness of the air around him. Wherever he went the cloud of magic was follow, leaving a trail of essences floating behind him like a wisp's tail."

History Edit

Pre WoWEdit

Not known - he doesn't talk about it, nor does he refer to it. He seems to have walked into the Undercity one day and has been in the Forsaken ranks ever since. Nobody in the Undercity knew who he was - he had no name (something he claims he had forgotten), and simply went by the name "Medic" before he was given the name "Zamboozle".

In WoWEdit

Zamboozle worked as a healer in the Forsaken ranks and was steadily accepted as a part of the Forsaken (as he was clearly no longer under the Lich King's control). His skill in healing quickly pushed him up the ranks until he was given the freedom of leaving his post in the Undercity for 'greater healing knowledge'. He was known both for his skills and his peculiar personality. For once thing, he always refers to himself as a 'medic' and not a 'priest'.

He was notorious for his habit of dismantling various objects into magical essences which he constantly toys with, this was found out when Zamboozle was given a chance to tour the Magic Quarters of the Undercity. Because of this event the mages of the Undercity gave him the name "Zamboozle", a breaker of magic. Ever since then the name stuck, and undead mages were told to keep their items of magic as far away from the Forsaken Medic as possible.

Zamboozle dismissed himself from the Undercity after serving as the city healer. He travelled around the world, selling his heals for a living. He grew notorious for his services and unusual (and often high) prices.


Zamboozle now works as a Medic in Orgimmar for the Horde. When not seen in the battlefield he could be caught walking around the city streets looking for business. There are rumours about the medic disguising himself as an Alliance and walking among their cities...but that's only a rumour, no?

All of Zamboozle's forays in Azeroth can be found in Zamboozle's Medical Logs.


"All to all's agendas."

He is mellow, very mellow. He comes across as a rather pleasant corpse, happily indulging himself in small talk and discussions. Sometimes he could be very sharp and objective, other times just plain silly and comical. He doesn't brood like most undead, doesn't carry any sense of malice, doesn't carry any kind of hate. In fact, he could be smiling...had the muscles on his face worked. He is patient, understanding, and to a point, fatherly, in a way.

On DutyEdit

"Bandages don't come cheap."

When working, most would call him ruthless and cold. While his pleasant attitude still remains, his administration of his services are as systematic and methodical as a goblin counting machine. He heals for only one thing - the paycheck. He accepts any task - whether it be stitching together and raising a malicious warlock or saving a dying child, as long as the price is good enough he will do it. His prices are often as high as they are unusual. Sometimes it would be a few piece of copper, other times it could be a lock of hair, a pitcher of blood, or soul. Sometime he would give his services for free - but those are far and few and very rarely happens.

Clients and PatientsEdit

Zamboozle has a list of patients he has treated, all of which have been played characters in some form or another. Zamboozle will gladly accept any characters that want to integrate their RP with his as either a client, a patient, a friend, or a past Pre-Death story character. Please feel free to send an in-game letter in you are interested in tangling with the medic.

List of Clients and PatientsEdit

  • Zurimelle - Soul mending
  • Zerrai and "The Great One" - Passage to undeath, medical advisor
  • Skulda - Skin replacement and reattachment
  • Clottia - Finger reattachment and pain administration
  • Seethe - Temporary sixth sense application
  • Keruptis - Dark resurrection, healing, and a jailbreak
  • Aeyesa Indari - Zeppelin sickness. This interaction can be read about here.
  • Volgroth - Preservation and passage to undeath
  • Alek Er'ando - Breaking of enslavement, and reassembly of body.
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