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When the slumbering druids of the elves awoke from their hibernation, Emerald dream was opened. Illidan Stormrage used his forces and followers to set off to Zangarmarsh. The Horde and Alliance have just recently left Outland, making their way to Northrend. At the marsh, the warlocks of the sunfury blood elves took control of the "broken portal." They opened it revealing a long, lost plane called, The Emerald Plane. The Emerald Plane consisted of 5 zones. The emerald plane, however, is just a, what some may call it, "Imaginary Land." The Draenei, on the flight from Argus to Draenor, have flew through the place where the Emerald Plane was. They knew almost where it was because the moons of Argus are so close by in the sky at night. The portal to the Emerald Dream is where Illidan wanted to go. He rages over the lands of Gullywhisper Gorge and Fastwind Plains marking a trail, one so similar to the scar Kael`thas left when rampaging over Qual`thalas to get to the Sunwell. It was named "The Burning Scar" by the lands' Citizens. Illidan Stormrage got to the portal, sending 5 Sunfury Blood Elves in. Soon after, Illidan and his remaining forces, where portaled back to the Black Temple, where Illidan was on "house arrest" not allowing him to leave the temple ever again, along with his army. The Scryers and Aldor heard about Illidans' journey to the Emerald Plane. They told the Sha`tar who told the Horde and Alliance. Soon Highlord Bolvalor Fordragon and Thrall sent troops to the Emerald Plane. The two factions battled each other to enter the portal. When the Alliance retreated back to their Outpost near the portal, the Horde entered. The alliance entered 2 days after that. The two faction set out different ways. The Alliance went Northwest while the horde went Southeast. Thrall and Highlord Bolvalor Fordragon sent message birds to their adventurers, telling them to build a large city. The Hordes City was named Valor Keep, While the Alliances' was named Solider Hold. These cities became the major hubs of both Factions. The two factions also built many other outposts. The nightmare however got in the way of most of them, leaving ruins of untold dreams.


  • Three Brand new Playable races Including the Dryad, Drempt Elf, and Treant
  • Three new starting zones including two the Emerald Plane and one just off the coast of Durotar.
  • Two new Continents: The Emerald Plane - Located in the Nether, The Emerald Dream - Back in time when Azeroth was one piece, Includes Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms, Sunken Kalimdor, Kalimdor, and islands and such, all combined into one continent. This was before the Well of Eternity exploded.
  • Two new Hero Classes - Spirit Renewer - Available to Dryads, Blood Elves, Treants, Drempt Elves, Dreanei, and all priests. Reaver - Available to every other race not listed above aswell to Rogues.
  • Level cap raised to 90 - Including a new feature, You may choose up to two talent trees only to spec in, aswell increasing talent point up to 71 - Many new Talents and Spells, Monsters and Quests, Cities and Lore.
  • One new class to be able to play from the start - Spellbreaker - They do Earth and Arcane Dmg and spells and 5 special spells to break your enemy's spell and be able to use it for up to thirty minutes.
  • Guild Housing (Hopefully)

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Racial Abilities


  • Spirits of the Damned|-|Summons 5 randomly selected spirites of any horde or alliance race and they guard you for 10 minutes. One of them will heal you for 20% health over 10 seconds, then die. Other four will consist of 2 warriors, 1 Warlocks, and 1 Shaman.

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