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General Information Edit

Background (Pre World of Warcraft ) Edit

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Background (During World of Warcraft.) Edit

Sisterhood of EluneEdit

Elune Statue Top View WoW Godddess

At the age of thirteen, she was found and trained by the local mage trainner of Northshire Abbey. It is here where she learned an appreciation of all forms of magic, along with proper etiquette and behavior techniques. Upon reaching her sixth season, she took it upon herself to venture out into the world, leaving Northshire behind. She spent much time in Elwynn Forest, and it was there that she came across a druidess know as Lilíth. It was there, at Crystal Lake that she asked Ysandre to join the Sisters of Elune as one of their first human followers. Not knowing much about her past, or the past in general, she welcomed the offer to belong to a family and eagerly awaited what she was to learn from the Elune's teachings.

Although the branch of the sisterhood she belonged to was at times considered inferior due to the various races that were welcomed, Tyrande Whisperwind still welcomed the new followers of Elune. For many years she spent in the sisterhood, training her own powers and learning about the goddess' teachings. At about the age of twenty three, she felt her time had come to broaden her horizons once more. Though it pained her much, she left the order, but still keeps contact with many within it, and is still considered a priestess at times.

The Scarlet RedemptionEdit

Scarlet Crusade Tabard

Symbol of the Light, Scarlet Crusade variation

Ysandre would often pay homage to Elune in any local city. One day when exiting the Cathedral of Light she came across the Mikaylus Thancrus also coming to pay his respects. The two talked over beliefs and theologies, and after some time Mikaylus asked Ysandre to join The Scarlet Redemption. Though not very military oriented, Ysandre did her best to follow orders; though, she often spoke her mind on topics, which never made Mikaylus happy. Durning her time with the redemption, she fought in many battles against the undead within Stratholme, Scholomance, Tyr's Hand, and even Naxxramas. Her unique skills in battle, and her ability to lead others made her a high ranking guard within the redemption.

The Crimson HorizonEdit

During the opening of the Dark Portal, there were many disputes of the appropriate course of action to take. While few decided to leave the redemption behind, believing that Mikaylus was loosing his mind; those loyal stayed with him, and decided to venture forth into the Outland to face the Burning Legion's invasion. It was with this new ambition that The Crimson Horizon was born. With the coming of the horizon, Mikaylus took it upon himself to assign himself new officers. Of those that were chosen were Aranoth Koren, Alavanguard Von-Ironhand, Demetrius Philostrate II, and Ysandre Delaunay.

Relatives and Horizon Family MembersEdit

The following are those within the Crimson Horizon, that Ysandre considers to be her closest family members.

Teris GreenthornEdit

Both Teris and Ysandre joined the redemption about the same time, and although they considered one another friends, it never grew into more than that. However, when Teris' fiance left him for another man, Ysandre took it upon herself to be his support, and from there a relationship grew. Though, there was a moment in time when Teris had gone missing; though he returned, he doesn't quite remember what happened to him. Fear of loosing him again, Ysandre decided to ask him for his hand in marriage, which he accepted.

Calro DelaunayEdit

During the time of Teris' absence, Ysandre found herself in a state of depression. During this vulnerable period, she came across a Night Elf by the name of Viorel Nightwind, and boar him a son. Though no relationship spawned from this, she cares for Calro dearly, and hopes that he will have an enjoyable peaceful life.

Mikaylus ThancrusEdit

Leader of the Crimson Horizon, Ysandre thinks quite highly of Mikaylus and is often considered his greatest confidant. She treats him as an older brother, not afraid to speak her mind to him and say what she thinks, even if it's telling him that he is wrong.

Illysandre WintershadeEdit

A priestess of Elune, Illysandre uses her powers over the moons shadow to overcome her enemies. Ysandre considers Illy to be one of her closest friends, some one she can always count on to be around when she needs to have a talk.

Aranoth KorenEdit

Second in command to the Lawbringer Mikaylus, Ysandre looks to Aranoth for fun and comic relief. She can always count on a laugh from him, though when he gets serious you should look out. One of the flaws that Ysandre doesn't like about Aranoth is his constant smoking.

Reyvan and Aislin CearnEdit

A unique pairing these two, once bound by the hands of Keruptis; they joined the Horizon recently and Ysandre finds them to be such a caring couple. Always willing to help anyone, the two both seem to have pure hearts, despite their ability to control demons.

Current ActivitiesEdit

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Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

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Arcane Brilliance

  • Let the insight of the goddess give us the strength to fight in the upcoming battle.


  • You will not interfere!
  • Too bad you will spending time in this fight as a turtle.


  • This will hurt!
  • You should know better than to play with fire!
  • It is time for you to die!
  • Elune, I send another soul to recieve your guidence.


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