About Her Edit

MtA StealthIlena

Ilèna Stealthed

For another try at a Rogue, I made Ilèna, but I didn't level much with her yet.
Still trying to move her forward. Slowly, but she's moving. Like all my characters on Nordrassil btw.

Final Bosses Edit

Name Location Lv.
IconSmall BogBeast Oakenscowl Teldrassil 8
IconSmall Human Male Edwin VanCleef The Deadmines 11
IconSmall Cultist Male Archmage Arugal Shadowfang Keep 16
IconSmall Human Male Bazil Thredd Stormwind Stockade 17
Spell shadow summonfelguard Taragaman the Hungerer Ragefire Chasm 19
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