Priest-bloodelf-f-1 This user plays as a blood elf priest.
Trade tailoring This user plays as a Tailor.
Trade engraving This user plays as a Enchanter.
Scryers Tabard This user's character joined the Scryers.
Achievement general This user has completed 3/54 general achievements.
Achievement quests completed 08 This user has completed 2/49 quest achievements.
Achievement zone easternkingdoms 01 This user has completed 3/70 exploration achievements.
Achievement pvp h 16 This user has completed 1/166 PvP achievements.
Spell shadow unholyfrenzy This user has completed 2/458 dungeon and raid achievements.
Trade alchemy This user has completed 1/75 profession achievements.
Achievement reputation 01 This user has completed 0/45 reputation achievements.
Achievement bg masterofallbgs This user has completed 2/141 world event achievements.
Inv helmet 66 This user has completed 2 Feats of Strength achievements.
Achievement quests completed 08 This user has completed 102 of the 3000 quests for the achievement.
Realms This user plays on the European Spinebreaker server.

About Her

Grünia is probably next to Dhira and Shira one of my oldest characters.
Dhira is the Night Elf Druid on Nordrassil. Shira is only a level 5 Night Elf Hunter on Emeriss.
Grünia is not really used anymore. I plan to go back with levelling with her some time.
I started her on the Silvermoon Realm, but it disappeared at some point and Grünia ended up in the Spinebreaker Realm.
While on the Spinebreaker Realm, I was all alone until I met some person in a dungeon of Skullcrusher Realm, so I moved there now.


[Guild Tabard]


IconSmall Bear Baby Blizzard Bear
IconSmall CoreHound Core Hound Pup
IconSmall Lich Male Lil' K.T.
IconSmall ClockworkGiant Lil' XT
IconSmall Penguin Mr. Chilly
IconSmall WhelpBlack Onyxian Whelpling
IconSmall Pandaren Pandaren Monk
IconSmall Dragonhawk Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling
IconSmall Wyvern Wind Rider Cub


Equipment [27 March 2010] Slot
Ui-paperdoll-slot-head Empty Slot Head
Inv jewelry necklace 01 Malachite Pendant Neck
Ui-paperdoll-slot-shoulder Empty Slot Shoulder
Inv misc cape 22 Simple Cape Back
Inv chest cloth 36 Fallen Apprentice's Robe Chest
Inv shirt 01 Neophyte's Shirt Shirt
Inv shirt guildtabard 01 Guild Tabard Tabard
Inv bracer 13 Courier's Wraps Wrist
Inv gauntlets 05 Satin Lined Gloves Hands
Inv belt 02 Beaded Cord Waist
Inv pants 11 Patchwork Pants Legs
Inv boots cloth 05 Apprentice Boots Feet
Inv jewelry ring 21 Tigerseye Band Finger
Inv jewelry ring 12 Woven Copper Ring Finger
Ui-paperdoll-slot-trinket Empty Slot Trinket
Ui-paperdoll-slot-trinket Empty Slot Trinket
Inv mace 10 Spiked Wooden Plank Main Hand
Inv staff 02 Simple Branch of the Wolf Held In Off-hand
Inv staff 02 Fire Wand Ranged

Dungeons, Raids & Events

Name Location Game
Spell shadow summonfelguard Ragefire Chasm Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar World of Warcraft
IconSmall Murloc Wailing Caverns Lushwater Oasis, The Barrens World of Warcraft


Name Reputation
Silvermoon City 5503/12000
Undercity 1570/12000
Orgrimmar 1216/6000
Tranquillien 750/6000
Darkspear Trolls 410/6000
Thunder Bluff 2235/3000
Ratchet 750/3000
Argent Dawn 200/3000
Cenarion Circle 160/3000
Frostwolf Clan 0/3000
The Defilers 0/3000
Warsong Outriders 0/3000
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