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Gal'miras Ashfield (simply referred to as Ashfield or Sir Ashfield now that the Ashfield Consortium is no more) was born during the end of the Second War. His father Il'damas Ashfield and his mother Alessca Duskrunner were members of the gentry in Quel'thalas, but in their secret lives they were actually lords of a thief's and assassin's guild known as the Ash Consortium. Gal'miras' childhood was mostly spent learning the tricks of the trade and taking classes at his mother's charm school. At the age of 16, Gal'miras officially entered the guild as Il'damas and Alessca's secret had been revealed. The true Ashfield Consortium was born.

(Oh, and as for Leyna, whom was born 3 years after Gal' likes talking about her much.)

Gal'miras and the Ashfield Consortium

Gal'miras proved to be a capable infiltrator, taking contracts for not only the dark organizations within Quel'thalas, but also being called upon by royalty within the kingdoms of Lordaeron to assasinate minor figures in the Human world. For three years, Gal'miras would prove himself mission after mission. Until...

Seeds of the Fall

The year of the Third War, before King Terenas' assasination at the hands of his son Arthas, Il'damas contacted a troll rogue (whose name is still unknown to this date) to become the 'third leader' of the Consortium. Meanwhile, Alessca spoke with an agent of the Burning Legion and promised them 'aid' when their time came. When Gal'miras learned of these acts of corruption, he left the Consortium and set sail in the Veiled Sea, wandering on the waves. Soon after...

(By the way, Leyna was killed months before this. We still don't like talking about her.)

The Destruction of the Sunwell

The Sunwell was destroyed as Arthas resurrected Kel'Thuzad as a lich. Meanwhile, out at sea, Gal'miras had a sudden hungering. He craved any magic he could get. He sailed back to Quel'thalas to see his own homeland destroyed. As he joined the newly formed Blood Elves rebuild Quel'thalas, he himself began to train to take up arms against the Legion. He would not get the chance during the Third War.

Present Day

Ashfield finished his training only just recently, and he is now a mercenary for hire operating out of the Eastern Kingdoms (though he is sometimes seen on Kalimdor). He has also affiliated himself with the Darksteel Legion, in hopes of acquiring extra work through them.

In late February, Ashfield went missing. Nobody had heard from him for months, but his body was finally found in the beginning of June. It had been presumed he had just recently escaped from some sort of capture or torment, and was able to get back to the Eastern Kingdoms before finally being slain by whatever force had kept him in contempt.


Ashfield is narcissitic like nearly all blood elves, but having been raised by gentry, he acts with as much courtesy as possible. Otherwise, he is a cunning, intelligent, and arrogant thief like most other rogues. Ironically, however, he has a true sense of honor and personifies "honor amongst thieves" in a form that is truer than the actual concept.

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