To Do list Edit

  • Improve lvl 1-10 zone mob pages
  • Inprove lvl 10-20 zone mob pages
  • Edit 500 times.

About me Edit

Warcraft3box This user has been playing since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
Ability parry This user is dedicated, but not hardcore.
Spell holy weaponmastery This user prefers to PvP.
MaleIcon This user plays as a male character.
Wiki This user is addicted to WoWWiki.
Wikiicon-gnome-at-work-icon This user edits articles within WoWWiki often.
101.756... This user employs Insane Mathematicians to count his contributions.
Hunter-nightelf-m-70 This user plays as a night elf hunter.
Achievement level 20 This user has reached level 20.
Inv misc pelt wolf 01 This user plays as a Skinner / Leatherworker. Trade leatherworking
Inv misc head murloc 01 This user's character has cleared the Deadmines.
WC entrance This user's character has completed WC.
WorgenArt This user's character has completed SFK.
This user has taken a break from playing World of Warcraft 512x256, but plans to continue someday.
IconLarge Horde
IconLarge Alliance
This user is positive to an Alliance / Horde union!
Draenei Icon This user gets lost spelling draenei. It's I before E except after A.
Inv weapon glave 01 This user would like demon hunter to be a playable class.
Inv tinfoil hat This user is out of tinfoil.
Inv misc candle 01 You no take this user's candle!
Inv misc head murloc 01 This user wants to save kill the murlocs.
Ability hunter beasttaming This user wants hunters to have the ability to tame mounts.
Inv misc bag cenarionherbbag This user Always runs out of bag space.
Firefox logo This user uses Mozilla Firefox to browse WoWWiki.
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