World of Warcraft Darkfall

The lore

After challanges of Pandaria, Masters of Pandaren gone to Black temple where they found chaotic creature of Illidan. Understanding His last humanity, pandaren masters divided Illidan's Yin and Yang.

Yin side of Illidan became that guy he was in youth. This Illidan had strong sense of honor and valor. But yang side of Illidan became more corrupted, brutal and loyal to Dark Powers.

Seeing this all, dark side of demon hunter flied in The Twisting Nether to Xoroth, where was the last keep of loyal powers of Sargeras the Dark. The light side of Illidan tought his skills to bravest adventurers creating new Demon hunter heroes.

After many defeats in Azeroth, demons became afraid of return of Sargeras. Their respect to humanoid heroes became so strong that some of their races merged with some humanoid races, creating strong new races and new faction against Alliance and Horde - The Legion.

New features

  • New faction - The Legion
  • New hero class - Demon hunter
  • New races - Doomrunner (taurenic ered'ruin type humanoid), Seducers (night-elf-like Sayaadi humanoids), Implings (goblin-like imp humanoid), Shivacs (human-like humanoids with two hands and Shivarra appearance), Felslayer (orcish-like Mo'arg creature), Voidman (blood-elf-like Void filled creature)
  • New planet - Xoroth
  • New level cap - 100
  • New proffesions - Architectory, Treework
  • New zones - Unknown part of Azeroth
  • End boss - Sargeras the Dark Titan

New races and their racial traits

  • 1.Doomrunner- Eradar faced massive tauren like humanoid with large horns and tauren hooves. Their skin variates from dark brown to yellow. Their flaming red eyes glows enternaly. Racial mount: Elemental snake.
    • Flame wings - Creates flaming wings on caster's back. Allows to fly in running speed for three minutes. After end of duration or landing effect interrupts.
    • Earth stability(passive) - Incrases max health for 5% while on earth.
  • 2. Seducers - Night elven figure and Sayaad glamour. What more you need? Skin colors from dark blue to dark red. Racial mount: Flightless hawk.
    • Glamour - Allows to flee from humanoid player charcters from Horde and Alliance.
    • Good company - Allows to heal yourself for 100 health in second for every player in your party, unaviable in combat.
  • 3.Implings - Grey to red demonic Imp-faced goblin creatures with Imp magic and new skills of engieneering. Racial mount: Mecha-tiger.
    • Hell machine - Opens potal to your home city. 3 minutes cooldown. Unusable in combat.
    • Bad joke - Incrases damage done for 1% for each hit in combat.
  • 4. Shivacs - Shivarra body figure except fact of being only two-handed. Their skins variate from brownish to almost white colour. Racial mount: Steed of Nether (Dark horse)
    • Duplicate hands - Allows to create three duplicates of each hand for 6 minutes.
    • Healing swim - While swimming in water or lava regenerates 15% of factic health. Interrupts on ground or damage.
  • 5. Felslayer - Orc like creatures with orcish fangs, Felguard figure and skin in green, grey, red and blue tones. Racial mount: Rhino
    • Gracious axe - (passive) Allows to get 10% chance to hit critical with axe.
    • Immobilizing roar - Stuns enemy for 1 minute in 5 yard range.
  • 6.Voidmen - Blood-elf creatures with grey to white skin and fully black eyes. (except hero class characters) Racial mount: None
    • Shroud of Shadows - Let unleash caster's dark being entering caster and all party members in dark stealth mode, interrupts on damage.
    • Darkspeed - Incrases caster's running speed 100%. Interrupts on dismiss.

Demon hunter

The demon hunters are new hero class. It starts on level 55 (same as death knight). It uses two types of magic resources: Spirit power and Spirits.

They have instance-like starting area (like death knight Acherus): Renewed Karabor. (old Black temple instance is moved in Caverns of Time) When they are ready to leave starting area, via Harbor of Karabor airships they can move to their race starting areas.

Spiritual resources is like mana and is used in all three talent tree spells. It could be renewed on killing humanoid, beast, draconic and mechanical characters also via self-regeneration and spirit (stat).

Spirit resurces are used unically to its talent tree. It could be renewed by killing special types of creatures.

Spirit types talent trees: Void (by killing void DEMONS) used to cast shadow-based spells and damage. Fel (by killing fel DEMONS) used to cast fire based-spells. Unholy (by killing undead mobs) used to cast nature-based spells and poisoning.

Demon hunters uses dual wield one-hand and two-hand swords and one-hand axes, daggers and polearms. Their Armory is: Cloth, Leather and Mail armor.

This class is aviable for all player races after having one character on 55th level on realm. There's only one demon hunter for each player on one realm.

New professions

Treework - Allows to gather resources from trees in two types: cutting and fruit gathering. Cutting uses any axe to get lumber like gathering ores from mineral veins. Fruit gathering isn't using any tools but gathers fruits for cooking and alchemy or simple eating.

Architectory - Allows to create heal-impairing, stats increasing and other furnitures, like portal mirror, short-timed, self-destroying after using, houses to renew power or hide and most skillful architectors can create fast aquatic mounts, like boats or wooden mounts.

New race classes

  • Doomrunner- Warrior, Rogue, Priest, Monk, Shaman, Demon hunter, Mage, Death knight, Paladin.
  • Seducers- Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Death knight, Demon hunter, Druid, Monk.
  • Shivacs- Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Druid, Warlock, Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Mage, Death knight, Demon hunter, Monk.
  • Felslayer- Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Death knight, Demon hunter.
  • Voidmen- Warrior, Paladin, Warlock, Mage, Priest, Demon hunter, Death knight, Hunter, Monk.
  • Implings- Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Shaman, Demon hunter, Death knight.


Legion is third of great factions. Their lands are in the Unknown part of Azeroth. They hate Alliance and Horde, but are so organized to create a faction. After their reveal, much is reorganized for three factions, for example, In world battlegrounds are opened third gate and in the battleground is created Legion's keeps and factions. Legion's faction mount is Darkfire Drake bought for 50 Gold and is required for Expert riding level, Swift Darkfire Drake for 150 Gold (required Artisan level) and Inv misc key 14Roaring Hell (Legion chopper) for 450 Engineering (and Voiddark explorers - Exalted) to craft only and Journeyman riding skill.

Legion and Pandaren

As all players and fans know, that Pandaren are very peaceful and harmonic races. So they sent their messagers to Legion lands. After they returned, it was decided to possibility of pandaren joining to all three factions: Alliance, Horde and Legion.

Other changes

  • All battlegrounds added new posts for Legion.
  • New battleground - Darkhell plains.
  • New dungeons and raids
  • New monsters and mounts.
  • For the Horde and For the Alliance became difficulter to do (as For the Legion they must kill leaders of two factions)
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