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Characters Edit

On Runetotem

Skytotem Level 70 Tauren Shaman

Xlel Level 30 Blood Elf Paladin

Sarm Level 22 Blood Elf Warlock

On Mok'nathal

Mul Level 30 Draenei Shaman

Quoz Level 20 Gnome Mage

  • Numerous other alts in the level 5-14 range, that I'll add eventually.


Likes: The Horde, tauren, pandaren, tuskarr, and shammys.

Dislikes: So many "animals/people going crazy then having to be killed" quests.

AND Zul'jin as a raid boss

Hopes to: Get some talk/fanfic pages up

Sad about: No playable tuskarr *sigh.

The belfs draining m'uru.(although it makes sense, and works lore wise)

Hopes For: Playable sporelings (i can dream can't i?)

Belf redemption (they're not evil, but they're not good...) Which has effectivley happened with patch 2.4 WOO

A return of Rokhan and Chen

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