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Before 10,000 years a dragon aspect called Neltharion, also called Deathwing betrayed the other dragon aspects, but he vanished somehow. Many years later he returned and controled the Dragonmaw clan, and he captured the red dragon aspect Alexstrasza. He was defeated by all other aspects, but again he disappeared. Everybody wondered where he went, but strange activities are spoted on the Isle Kezan, or more particulary Mount Kajaro. The Black Dragonflight are in this scheme and one can only be assumed that Deathwing has returned.

New Classes

Demon Hunter and Blademaster (Demon Hunter is available for Night Elves and Blood elves and Blademaster is available for Orcs and Draenei)

New Zones

Kezan Gilneas Hyjal

New dungeons

Mount Kajaro Nefarian's retreat (Nefarian returned in that Onyxia like cave in Hyjal) Greymane Hold

Corruption of Gilneas

Gilneas is finally open, but Black Dragons are found in Gilneas. Genn Greymane is controlled by Deathwing and now lays siege on the alliance.


Greymane Hold:

Genn Graymane

Abillities: Holy shock- harms other players with it Holy Light- heals himself Blessing of Might- Powers himself up Might of the Black- Turns into a black drakonid form\


I serve only the Destroyer now!

Nefarian's Retreat:


Abillities: Same as in BWL

Quotes: Aggro: I am more powerful then before, do not try to stop me! Killing a player: My father will be victorious! Death: No.. father.. will... win...

Mount Kajaro:


Abillities: Flamestrike: Like the mages flamestrike Summon dragon: Summons 2 Black dragons at his will Wrath of the Black Dragonflight: Makes everyone scorched (like the warlock spell only more powerfull) Copy: Copies abillities of the players and uses them randomly.

Quotes: Entrance in Mount Kajaro: If you come near me I will consume you! When encountered: I have been prepared for these years you though I was dead! Time to die! Aggro: All will die! When used a copied ability: Maybe we learned in the same school! Killing a player: I will eat your body for supper! Death: No No No! I planned so much! NOOOO!

Speech in the expansion:

" I was once the one they all respected... "
" I was the Earth Weaver... "
" Created The Demon Soul... "
" I nearly had it all... "
" Many years later... I wasn't so powerfull as before... "
" But I still would of conquered this world... but failed... "
" They tought me for disappeared, or dead... but they were wrong... "
" Now they will see the thing I like to call... "
" The Return! "

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