all hail the lich king


,.- frostmourne hungers -.,

everyone and their sister is a blood elf or draenei. i hate it.
to this day i regret being alliance. no offense to you alliance
lovers out there but on my server everyone who plays allia
nce is under the age of 15 it seems. altogether i think horde
has more experienced and well disciplined players who are
more mature.

shake it like a salt shaker a true drunken brewmaster drop it like its hott

i was once a wow addict and now i'm just a sober in denial ex
wow player. i'll try to put up blogs a few times a week.

my human priest delaris

lore issues:

i dont know if you all have read the war of the ancients trilogy, but if you did you would've noticed that tyrande whisperwind greeted broxigar with arms open when she first saw him. she had absolutely no clue who or what he was but being a follower of elune she overlooked his brute form and accepted him immediately. tyrande was kind at heart. she was kind of a tease to both illian and malfurion stormrage. if she didnt go back and forth with them and was just straight up with both and told them she had no feelings for illidan, i believe he wouldn't betray the rugged freedom fighters of kalimdor against the burning legion. anyways, moving on back to tyrande, she accepted brox, krasus, and rhonin without thought. now jump 10,000 years to reign of chaos. thrall and jaina just rescued the bloodlust raged grom hellscream from mannaroth's control and now set up a joint basecamp in what looks like the outer parts of ashenvale. there was a scene of tyrande and malfurion overlooking them and neither recognized the humans or orcs. rhonin and brox were human and orc. to make matters worse, she told malfurion that she didnt like them, that those humans and orcs need to be destroyed, they dont belong. i know im not the first to catch this and i think i figured out that maybe its not a flaw in lore, we're just not looking at the whole picture. rhonin, krasus, and brox made a new history by going back in time. when they returned to their normal era after the timeless one sent them home it might have seemed like the same era but minute things have changed, for instance the blue dragonflight. malygos almost lost all of his flight to the crazed deathwing. krasus though took a few eggs and put them in a safe spot where he knew deathwing could never find them. sunwell trilogy had kalecgos, a young blue dragon. see where im getting at. if you're confused just know this, history was changed after the fact. you wont see change until after they came back. its more of a space time continuum type thing, and not all of us are rocket scientist. i trust chris metzen with the lore. you should too. -more coming soon



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