Teufel,The User Page Edit

Human Warlock of Staghelm Server (US) Edit

Level 60 Warlock officer in Vertex.


Wikification of Teufel's Gear and Info:

Inv helmet 06
Doomcaller's Circlet
Inv scroll 04 This user is a member of Vertex.
Inv gauntlets 17
Plagueheart Gloves
Inv jewelry amulet 05
Choker of the Fire Lord
Spell holy ashestoashes This user prefers a hardcore playing style to a casual one.
Inv belt 03
Plagueheart Belt
Inv shoulder 03
Doomcaller's Mantle
Warcraft1box This user has been playing since the beginning: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.
Inv pants cloth 06
Leggings of the Black Blizzard
Inv misc cape 20
Cloak of the Brood Lord
IconLarge Human MaleIconLarge Human Female This user plays as a human.
Inv boots fabric 01
Plagueheart Sandals
Inv chest cloth 12
Doomcaller's Robes
Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock This user plays as a Warlock.
Inv jewelry ring ahnqiraj 03
Ring of Unspoken Names
Inv shirt green 01
Trade engineering This user plays as a Engineer.
Inv jewelry ring 53naxxramas
Band of the Inevitable
Inv shirt guildtabard 01
Trade tailoring This user plays as a Tailor.
Inv misc stonetablet 11
Talisman of Ephemeral Power
Inv bracer 07
Bracers of Arcane Accuracy
MaleIcon This user plays as a male character.
Inv misc ahnqirajtrinket 03
Fetish of the Sand Reaver
Inv weapon shortblade 27
Kris of Unspoken Names
Inv mace 21
Talon of Furious Concentration
Inv wand 06
Wizard's Hand of Shadow Wrath

Accomplishments Edit

Achievement boss hakkar This user's character has cleared Zul'Gurub.
Achievement boss ossiriantheunscarred This user's character has cleared the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj.
Achievement boss onyxia This user's character has defeated the old Onyxia before her revamp.
Achievement boss ragnaros This user's character has cleared Molten Core.
Achievement boss nefarion This user's character has cleared Blackwing Lair.
Achievement boss cthun This user's character has cleared the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.

Naxx Progression Edit

Ability warrior battleshout This user has defeated Instructor Razuvious
Inv misc ahnqirajtrinket 02 This user has defeated Anub'Rekhan
Inv misc slime 01 This user has defeated Grand Widow Faerlina
Spell nature web This user has defeated Maexxna
Ability rogue feigndeath This user has defeated Noth
Spell shadow contagion This user has defeated Patchwerk
Ability creature poison 06 This user has defeated Grobbulus
Spell shadow animatedead This user has defeated Gluth
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