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Nick, the Paladin, is a reknown healer throughout the realm of Steamwheedle Cartel. He is arguably the best roleplayer on Steamwheedle. Most known for his roleplaying skills, such as being the bailiff in a few trials. He is also known for being in one of the more notable guilds on the server: E Pluribus Unum. Allied with Mooselor, Vakashi, Alinnas, Keenso, and Tek they lead several raids through zul'gurub and showed no mercy.

Life before E Pluribus Unum:

Nick was just a young boy growing up in the shady forest of Elwynn when he decided to become a Paladin. Unable to cope with the amount of plague and lack of healers on the server, he decided to talk to Brother Sammuel. The Brother was suprised, but taught Nicholas the ways of being a Paladin. With his new found powers, he quickly defended the farmers of Westfall, purged Duskwood from the wrath of Stalvan Mistmantle, and provided many a hunt for Nessingwary. One day, Nick was approached by Cynical from the chosen guild. She heard of Nick's expertise as a Paladin and wanted him to join their guild. He quickly accepted and rose through the ranks of the guild. While Nick rose through the ranks, he also made many friends. Most notably Foderpaul, Alinnas(an australian hunter), Inbounddeath, Deathshunter, Ressolute, Tanaren, Mystrider, Schmidtty, Anaris, Annwnn, Watseifer.

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